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Android messaging has one more feature against spam

Android messaging has one more feature against spam

Spam is a headache for anyone. As such, Google has further improved its "Android Messaging" app to avoid this kind of problem.

So far it is possible to identify a contact as spam, however when it comes to a group things are different. When your number is scattered by entities that have the habit of spamming users you are plotted.

Reporting spam in Android Messaging app groups is coming


As such, Google has added a new feature that lets you report spam on a message group in your app. We still have no idea whether to add the ability to report one of the numbers within the group or if you will have to report the group as spam altogether.

Regardless of the possibility, it will be an advantage to have this kind of feature. Spam messages may not always be boring but misleading.

An example of this is the mock message that we talk about this week. Spamers impersonated Montepio bank to gain access to my bank.

That is, this type of functionality is not only relevant but very important. One thing is certain, that number will never be able to send me a message because I referred it as spam.

New functionality is coming in the new update

If you have the Android Messaging app, you may not have the feature yet. Already tried to activate even with the latest version of APK but no luck. This means that the functionality is being provided by server upgrade. Just make sure you always have the updated app on the Google Play Store and sooner or later you'll get the news.

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