Home Android Android Messaging: Google brings news we all wanted to see!

Android Messaging: Google brings news we all wanted to see!

Android Messaging: Google brings news we all wanted to see!

The Android Messaging app is one of the best you can have on your smartphone. The application is simple, minimalist, with Dark Mode (which serves to save battery) and now A feature is implemented that will make you more secure.

The new feature will warn users if certain messages are "safe" or not. Due to the sheer amount of spam and phishing this is one of the few ways Google has taken care of the problem.

Android messaging solves phishing issues

Android messaging

Not long ago we talked about scammers sending messages on behalf of "Montepio" and "Worten" in order to get details of user information. In Worten's case it was a monthly subscription and in Montepio's case access to users' bank accounts.

These are serious and serious problems that there seems to be no one solving the problem. Police have little to say that they are working on the situation, operators have not yet commented on blocking suspicious numbers and we continue to receive such fraudulent messages.

Android messaging
Now the number will be validated by Google

The Android Messaging app wants to help users understand this. As a result, businesses like banks or major retailers will be able to register your number with Google and when they sent messages to their customers the message will appear in the app as "secure". It will also identify possible spam messages by indicating this.

Android messaging

When will the new version come to your smartphone?

For now functionality has only been revealed in Brazil, Spain, USA, Mexico, UK, France, Philippines, Canada and India. That is, in UK we will have to wait a little longer.

However, it's a very important feature and the multi-country launch at once shows that Google is concerned with bringing the feature to as many countries as possible. Hopefully by early 2020 we will have it in our equipment.

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