Android Messaging: Application Will Be Even Better With Upcoming Updates

Android Messaging: Application Will Be Even Better With Upcoming Updates

If you use Android Messaging, it's time to be happy with what's coming. The Google app will soon receive more features that will make the app even better than it is.

The Mountain View company has long struggled to make its messaging application as relevant as the others, yet it is always a little further from what others offer. By the way, just last week we pointed out some improvements that the Android Messaging application should have to be as relevant as Apple's iMessage.

Android messaging

The new improvements are not the ones we most want, but they are a step in the right direction. Google has been applying "counter-spam" enhancements to the app and upcoming updates will bring that.

The Android Police website dismantled the APK from the new version and it turned out that Google is preparing serious implementations. Firstly regarding the RCS definitions.

What is RCS?

Simply put, RCS is the replacement for SMS. Basically this new format by the name of (Rich Communications Services) makes SMS messages formerly known to compete with services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. That is, they use more date than just text sign. He believes the answer is far more complex than this one, but I believe that everyone will understand.

The new implementation in Android Messaging will allow you to edit the settings all in the app. Even with a dual-SIM smartphone. Although not very innovative, RCS is now gaining ground and operator deployment is starting to take place. In fact, Vodafone UK already offers RCS, in turn the silence of NOS and MEO continues. In other words, as soon as the operators give the green light, the RCS settings will all be in one place.

Verified messages is another important point.

The dismantling of APK also found the improvement of your app "message verificationThat is, this feature will tell the user whether or not the sending entity is true. Like twiitter and Instagram accounts have that "verified", so will messages. This should dramatically reduce attacks. phishing.

Spam will never be the same

Spam Text

Apparently Google is fed up with spam. In future updates to the "Android Messaging" app we will be able to automatically respond to spam messages and send to a number designated by your service provider. This way we will be able to block the number of spam directly on the carrier.

Assistant Integration Continues

Google Assistant integration continues in the Android Messaging app. Gradually we begin to see more indications that this is happening, however, if you have the smartphone in UK’s should still take. The best way to keep up with Google Assistant's app developments is to use your phone in English.

Integration should continue to help you reply to messages faster and tell you where on the map as soon as you get the message from an address. If you receive a message with the name of a restaurant you will also immediately have information about it. It looks like magic.

When will improvements come to your Android Messaging app

It is not yet known in detail when this will all be implemented. We know that gradually things will happen. For a long time we saw the code Dark Mode and it was installed quickly. I believe the same will happen to all this news.

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