Android LG patent reveals folding smartphone you'll want to have

Android LG patent reveals folding smartphone you'll want to have

Android LG patent reveals folding smartphone you'll want to haveLG already only thinks about its folding smartphone. The Android manufacturer has filed several patents that show us folding equipment, however, this is one of the best so far.

We can say that LG is one of the Android manufacturers with no major impact on the market in recent times. The South Korean company continues to fail in the recipe for success and is increasingly irrelevant.

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However, this can all change with the folding smartphone. According to trends, the next smartphone trend may involve a folding screen and a tablet-capable smartphone.

LG may be one of the makers that seriously changes the Android market with the folding smartphone

Samsung has already unveiled its folding screen at the developer conference and looks set to unveil its first folding smartphone at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in February.

While LG is not doing well in the industry, the Asian brand is one of the top display providers and one of the few that can compete with Samsung on the same level. That's why big LG equipment is expected in the near future.

Android folding smartphone patent

The new patent of the South Korean company reveals for the first time a folding screen smartphone with very low margins. One of the things you expect from Samsung's upcoming smartphone is that the margins are not the nicest. The thickness of the device is also expected to be much larger than the smartphones of the moment.

Since the technology has not officially kicked off to the market yet, it is hoped that one of these patents will come true, and honestly, I hope it is. We can see in the images a normal smartphone with a screen that surrounds it. To open the screen you simply have to unfold the screen from the back and make the smartphone a real tablet.

This way LG will be able to keep a thinner borderless smartphone with a nice design. Although this patent does not indicate that the smartphone will be unveiled, it is believed that sooner or later LG will strike hard.

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