Android – LG G7 to arrive after Samsung Galaxy S9

Android - LG G7 to arrive after Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9 Android LG G7 LG Reuters LG smartphones
The next high-end of the South Korean giant may take a little longer.

2018 has just begun and very soon we will have two major market launches mobile. Two tops from South Korea. They come from rival companies. These are the Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus and the LG G7 (if the brand doesn't decide to change its name by then). For now, nothing is certain but rumors and leaks of information are starting to accumulate. Two heavyweights of the Android world.

Although we still have little official sight of both the LG G7 and Samsung Galaxy S9, the anticipation and buzz surrounding both is already deafening. One will arrive at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. The other … will come when the mark finds it good. Yes, this seems to be LG's new course. Launch smartphones when they are needed and not when other brands do too.

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LG is taking a step back to two ahead. At least that is the ultimate goal. It remains to be seen whether fate will be favorable to him or not. At any rate, according to the Korean Herald, LG management has ordered a new course of action. The entire LG G7 will have been paused. The Android world will have to wait a little longer before knowing this device.

Android market will have to wait for LG G7

A break that will be taken to make the LG G7 a top notch really worthy of this South Korean company. Reportedly, it was executive Jo Seong-jin who gave this order. A complete overhaul of this rival of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Revision that will result in a delay in its release. However, the Samsung Galaxy S9, already equipped with Android Oreo, will arrive. They will arrive in Barcelona. They will arrive at the end of February and a few days later will no doubt be in stores.

This source also points out that the LG G7 will be released after its rivals Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. All for you to be a top notch Android noteworthy. Personally, if this delay means using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and new technologies like the under-screen fingerprint reader, then they do it well!

The rush is the enemy of perfection and the LG G6 example would have been enough for this Android builder. Sometimes it pays to wait. We know that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will steal all the attention at Mobile World Congress. In such a scenario, it is no wonder that LG prefers to introduce its LG G7 a little later, until April. The device must reach the world during its own event. This ensures that all attention will be focused on you.

LG G7 will arrive later to take on Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Android LG G7 LG Reuters LG smartphones
The next generation of tops will come later © reuters

Note that the Korea Herald bases its play on an official brand representative who prefers to remain anonymous. Employees developing the LG G7 were urged to cease all activities. They were asked to scrutinize, review all components of the Android smartphone. This will start to be developed from scratch.

This Jo Seong-jin strategy option may be related to the fact that the entire department mobile LG's continue to lose money quarter after quarter. During one of the last press conferences at CES 2018 this was one of the highlights. The brand must reverse this situation and to do so will take all necessary measures.

He said LG would only introduce rivals to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other smartphones only when needed. Not when others do it. Not to follow trends but to meet consumer needs. This means that the brand may reduce its device portfolio.

LG G7 will bring new triumphs over Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

Jo Seong-jin also said that he would be considering changing the names of some lines / ranges of smartphones. It's a hypothesis that would be on the table.

Now, given the advancing calendar, the LG G7's design is unlikely to change much. However, it is being devised to incorporate new features that effectively draw the consumer's attention.

With all this in mind, the LG G7 will be quite similar to the LG V30. Must have bezels extremely thin, striving for elegance throughout the device. Built in metal and glass we will have wireless charging here. The cameras are wanted double and LG will not disappoint. You can't stand up to the Samsung Galaxy S9 who want to grab a growing share of the Android market just for you.

We also look forward to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM and 64 / 128GB of expandable internal storage. The quality of video recording can not disappoint. No. Not even audio recording and playback. So good on the V30, great on the LG G7. At least I hope so!

And you, what would you like to see in this top of the range Android and what would be your ideal selling price?

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