Android Huawei P20 will have two cameras, Huawei P20 Plus three

Android Huawei P20 will have two cameras, Huawei P20 Plus three
Huawei P20 Plus Android
Here comes a new high end Android from Chinese manufacturer. Or rather two!

Despite all the attentions of the average placed in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Huawei once again foresees its next high-end. By the way, your next flagships Android They will be called Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Plus (if the leaks have some real foundation) and at least one of them will have a total of three cameras in the back.

Especially with the approach of the Galaxy S9, the Chinese Huawei has been unfolding in teasers (promises / previews) and requests to your fans and consumers. After a wait request the brand has promised a camera like never before. The campaign's motto has been "See mOOOre with AI" or, see more with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Also note the use of three "O's" in clear reference to the presence of three cameras in their upcoming Android tops.

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We already knew that we would have at least two tops of Android from the Chinese manufacturer, but it was not yet sure which one would have the triple-camera. Now, thanks to SlashleakWe have a perfect idea of ​​the model equipped with the three cameras at its rear.

No big surprises, it will be the Huawei P20 Plus model, rival to the Galaxy S9 +, to feature this extra camera. Already the model Huawei P20 will be awarded with two cameras in its rear. Dual configuration cameras with vertical alignment. Both Android devices will also feature a dual-LED flash.

Huawei P20 Plus Triple Camera, Huawei P20 Dual Camera

But while we have seen for several months now that the brand would use a total of three cameras on its high-end Android, we did not know what its implementation would look like. The brand has not stated it openly but has already placed more than enough crumbs to build a solid case. Are many teaserswhere this is implied and as we get to know the brand we know that the future will pass through the triple chamber. At least in the most equipped model and prepared to face all the competition. Then we have the new ones renders or renderings of both terminals.

Possible flagships Android from Chinese manufacturer:

Huawei P20 Plus Android
Both models were unveiled today, in renderings or product renders.

I personally believe that it makes sense to be the only Huawei P20 Plus with a triple camera. The function of this is still a matter of debate but personally I believe we have here a lens with zoom 2x optical. Allowing the user to approach the object in question without losing any detail or quality as it would not be zoom digital.

The remaining sensors would be, as hitherto used to us, in color (RGB) and black and white (B&W). The Huawei P20 model would then have "only" with these two sensors, now with vertical alignment while the Plus model would include a third eye so you can get closer to the object.

Huawei will present the tops on March 27

For now it is only a hypothesis and should be interpreted as such. Until the day of final product presentation everything can change. However, I believe it is a plausible solution, also differentiating both products. Something that Samsung has also applied to its S9 (with one camera) and S9 + (with two cameras). The same is true of Apple models.

Huawei P20 Plus Android
This may be the next model "Plus" from the Chinese manufacturer. Equipped with three chambers.

This new "information leak" has my hopes in this dual scenario where one of the devices will have all the "whys and whys". Already the Huawei P20 may represent the safe and cautious bet of the brand. Something that has already been implemented by rival brands.

We can also see clear indications of a glass (or ceramic) construction by the brightness on the edges / edges of the equipment. So it would not be surprising if both tops of Android came with wireless charging. Another market trend mobile.

Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Plus will be presented in Paris

Inside is certain the presence of the processor Kirin 970, the manufacturer itself. This same processor equips its current flagship Huawei Mate 10. It is also present on the Honor View 10 device. Looking at the likely memory configurations now we will have 4 to 6GB of RAM in the Huawei P20 and P20 Plus. We will also count on the possibility of expansion via microSD memory card.

The operating system of the equipment will be Android Oreo (8.0 or 8.1). It will come with the brand's own interface, EMUI in version 8. Both smartphones will be presented at a branded event in Paris. By then we will still have new information leaks and more leaks about both tops of Android.

Huawei is currently the third largest mobile device manufacturer. This mark has repeatedly demonstrated its clear goal of overtaking Apple. Even Samsung, current market leader mobile. In 2018 we will have a new generation of "P" devices. In addition to the new line "Mate" likely to appear in October 2018.

What are your expectations for these devices?

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Teaser Huawei P20

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