We look at Android-powered TV Boxes and give you an Android Fully Loaded TV Box Warning.

EBox get asked all the time whether we sell “Fully Loaded!” devices. We only fully load your devices with software that will help you. Please read our post on buying a fully loaded TV box. There are many reasons for this. We will go through them later on. Also if you would like to know how to set up your smart TV box the read this post.

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Android Fully Loaded TV Box Warning


EBox test numerous devices, we have seen a massive increase in inferior parts, both externally and internally.

Most importantly though due to the structure of some of these cheaper devices, security and such often becomes an issue.

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Android Viruses

Recently there has been a batch of mobile viruses hitting Android. This has started to creep into inferior Android-powered TV Boxes too.

Entertainment Box only sells official certified TV Boxes. We do not sell Fully Loaded devices with inferior mobile apk’s in the structure.

We have seen various malwares and trojans being detailed in various smartphones and such Android-based systems. Often these viruses are extremely hard to remove. This is another problem when you are buying from overseas or auction selling sites, there are often no guarantees or even communication if your device obtains a problem.

The makers of these viruses often make a lot of money from their click-bait style. Harmful Viruses can be manifested in many shapes and forms, whether this is through ROM images, pop-ups or even scare messages.

Since the launch of our Smart TV box repair centre, 1 in 3 devices is Malware related problems. What’s happening is unsuspecting customers are buying fully loaded devices from online marketplaces with the promise of free movies free sports, what they are not telling you is the box is full of malware and trojans that will push up adverts that can rake the seller of the device £1000s in advert clicks. These are not adverts in applications they are built into the device’s Firmware making near on impossible to remove without the correct know how. Stream shows amazon fire tv players, Amazon fire Amazon TV with TV shows play Fire TV  content, phone, video these are content used on the most selling website to sold cheap cloned boxes by its lister and people get tricked when they see its fully loaded name.

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Viruses in Android TV box firmware

Only flash your Android TV box with firmware from reputable suppliers. Android firmware is easily modified, by adding the Trojans to each firmware then circulating it on the internet anyone looking for the latest update for their device will think it’s safe to use.

We try to stock most Android-powered TV box firmware so if your looking for the latest Firmware for your device please check our Firmware Page.

Be careful

Ransomware” or “Ransomware” seems to happen more and more. Ransomware type viruses usually result in a pop-up message offering you to pay a fee or certain things will happen to your device etc.

Above is an example of something similar. We have seen that these now seem to be entering the Fully Loaded devices from overseas. These, of course, are totally bogus messages that are there to try and lure the user into providing personal details or pay a fee.

The reason these are being seen on boxes is due to bogus apk’s or such being in the file structure of the devices. Files can be hidden in many forms as more and more corrupt people try to access personal data and more.

We test hundreds and hundreds of devices throughout the year as new companies emerge. To be on the edge of technology we have to test these devices to see if we have the next big thing.

However, worryingly when we look at the file structures of some of these devices, we see a lot of unnecessary bloatware and security issues. In truth, we don’t even understand why some things are there but these wave a huge red flag for us, which could make you more open to viruses.

Where to buy Android TV box? Avoid cheap and cloned devices

This is not a marketing gimmick or a ploy to sell devices. This is just the truth. There is a reason that some devices are £20 – £30 cheaper overseas or from auction sites. The outside may look the same (That is just a shell). However, inside inferior components and parts are used when these are being made. If you are wondering where to buy Android TV box don’t use eBay or Amazon.

Devices often come Fully loaded to mask the fact that the device itself is either a clone or very poorly made.

As detailed above, these often come with unnecessary bloatware or hidden files, that make them more open to viruses and such.

Known problems of cheaper cloned devices:

  • They run slower
  • Inferior circuit parts
  • Inferior plugs and connections that can spark
  • Bloatware
  • Hidden files (Leaving you open to Malware etc)


We are not making it up, numerous reports have shown this to be true. Is it worth risking possible fire or data attacks on your personal information to save a few pounds?


Avoid Fully Loaded Devices

No reputable seller will sell a Fully Loaded device. It is illegal to sell a Fully Loaded device. Here at EntertainmentBox, we do not sell illegal Fully Loaded devices.

With our devices, we offer a full 12-month guarantee and 30-day money back warranty. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for a lot of Fully loaded Android Kodi device sellers. You’ll see companies come and go whilst they try to avoid the law whilst still selling their dodgy products.

A customer is left stranded if a problem arises, it’s hard to contact someone that no longer exists!

Fully loaded devices offer the glitz and glamour of “everything you want!“. This may not always be the case though.

A bulk addon configuration wizard has been used to bulk install add-ons, often though due to the inferior nature of the TV boxes, certain conflicts often arise, dependencies needed are not often met.  A customer usually feels cheated by not having what they thought they were getting.


Only buy from a trusted seller

Makes sense really doesn’t it. You may save a few pounds up front but by buying “cheaper inferior fully loaded boxes”, it may cost you more in the long run.

Here is a few reason why you should trust us.

We do not sell fully loaded devices. EBox only sells official genuine products.

where to buy Android TV box

Fully Loaded TV Box Conclusion

EBox offer you a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee on the products. Prices starting from £45. Whether you choose to buy from us or not, please avoid fully loaded devices. We hope this Android Fully Loaded TV Box Warning has sunk in. It is not worth risking your personal data or even worse due to saving a few pounds on what you think is the deal of the century. In all honesty, it isn’t.

Be smart and educate yourself. As the old saying goes, If it’s too good to be true