Android: Frontal image of supposed Nokia 9 leaves something to be desired

Android: Frontal image of supposed Nokia 9 leaves something to be desired

The Nokia 9 is the Android smartphone that many expect and does not seem to arrive. It was expected that the future smartphone of the Finnish company could arrive in the summer of 2018, however, this did not happen.

So it goes without saying that it will not arrive in 2018. The future Android One will be a high end but should only compete with the high end 2019.

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That's why I mentioned in the title of this article that the image of the supposed Nokia 9 leaves something to be desired. This is because the competition at the flagship level will be so great that there is no room for a smartphone with this front design.

Nokia 9 will come, like the others, with Android One, the purest version of the Android system.

In other words, with rumors of a spectacular Samsung Galaxy S10, a fantastic Huawei P30 and a strong investment by OnePlus, this image of the supposed Nokia 9 has the flavor of 2017.

According to the information, this could even be the Nokia 9. By the way, if we look at these images and compare with the leaked images from previous information, we see the same ideology.

Even though we had a picture of a triple-camera Nokia today, I don't think today's Nokia 9 will be. By the way, it is said that the new high-end will feature 5 rear cameras and today's only 3

Nokia 9 PureView Android One
Possible look of the upcoming high-end Android smartphone – 9 PureView

That way, I believe that these images may even be the Nokia 9, however, I'm not very happy with such. We see a front camera in the front, two sensors in the corner and huge margins compared to the competition. That's why I said that this smartphone looks more like the flagship design of 2017. It has more margins!

In conclusion, if this is really Nokia 9, hopefully Android One and 5 cameras will be worth it. Because with this design I was by my side.

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