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Android: February Update Prevents Bluetooth Malware

The Android system is not perfect. But neither is Apple's. By the way, we still talked about apps that secretly record your activity on the smartphone. This is a good example of how we have to be careful on the internet.

That is, do not accept everything without reading a little. Take a backseat on promotions that seem too good to be true or even on emails that say we're insecure when it's really those emails that will plot us.

Android: February Update Prevents Bluetooth Malware

Google noted that the February update will be from most important things you can have on your smartphone and no wonder. This new update will reach all smartphones like "february security patch"in normal updates and as soon as you see it is better not to waste time and update.

Your Android smartphone will be much safer with the February security patch.

According to the information, this update will fix one of the flaws that not even Google knew existed. According to the informed, PNG files (transparent images) could be sent to another user with a certain code that installed malware.

This information is frightening. However, there is no cause for alarm, at least now. Google said that while it has this new security measure, no cases have been detected where the smartphone was infected in this way.

Update as it becomes available

The PNG image could not be a simple image. That is, the person who would send you such malware had to know exactly what he was doing. Certainly that is why we had no cases to report.

Still, it's important to update your smartphone as soon as this update becomes available. With this information on the street, there will be plenty of evildoers trying and exploiting the vulnerability of older smartphones or without this update.

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