Android auto gains a new life for all smartphones with the new Android 11

Android auto Android 11

Android Auto is increasingly a sought-after feature in a new car. Like the Apple CarPlay, Android auto showed that it can be the perfect on-board computer with everything you need to have the main Apps inside your car.

However, it was not always perfect. For example, on some smartphones you had to connect your car via cable. We cannot say that it is a huge problem, however, it is much better to have this information and wireless connection. Well, this is the big change in Android Auto with Android 11 smartphones.

Android Auto brings wireless connection to all Android 11 smartphones

Android auto Android 11

So far, only a few smartphones from Samsung and Google have such a possibility, however, this feature is about to reach all smartphones that will have the system update.

That is, if you have a smartphone with Android 11 and a car with Android Auto you will have the possibility to synchronize all your data, and applications without having to walk with a cable from back to front.

Android Auto is increasingly the right choice

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are beginning to be extremely important for those who buy a new car. The automakers’ software has always left something to be desired and the panel interaction has never been the best.

Google and Apple are among the best companies when it comes to software development, that is, the right companies to improve our interaction with technology in the car.

I am happy that Google has opened the wireless connection range for all smartphones with the Android 11 update. Now we can only wait for the update to arrive on your device.

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