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Android 8 All Settings

Android 8 All Settings

Full EBox Android TV box Settings and setup guide, 8 Android help guides.

We are going to show you how to set up an Android 5.1 powered TV box, we are using the EBox T8-AML-V3s in this guide but you can follow this helpful guide with all Android 8 TV boxes.

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Android 8 Connecting to the internet

  • Click Network
  • Click Wi-Fi
  • Turn Wii-Fi device on
  • Wait for your device to scan for your wireless network
  • Select your Network and enter your Networks password (this is usually on the back of your internet router)

Android 8 Display settings, Screen position

  • Click settings (from apps or Home)
  • Click Display
  • Now click Screen position
  • Use the zoom in and zoom out on the right-hand side of the screen to adjust the position
  • Click back to save your settings

Android 8 Sound settings

  • Click settings (from apps)
  • Click Sounds
  • Now click Digital sounds
  • From here you can change how your TV box outputs its sound (SPDIF, PCM, HDMI)

How to uninstall app Android 8, how to clear apps data on it.

  • Click settings (from apps or Home)
  • Click apps
  • Now Click on the app you want to manage
  • From here you can open the app, Select Storage to clear the data, uninstall, clear cache, and manage other settings for the app.

Android 8 How to factory reset your device

  • Again Click settings (from apps or Home)
  • Click Storage & reset
  • Click Factory data reset
  •  Again click Factory data reset 
  • Confirm you want to wipe your device
  • Your box should now restart into erasing mode then restart, (it can take up to 6 minutes to completely reboot)

Check out our full reset guide HERE for Android .




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