Android 8.1 may allow SMSs to be sent and received on Chromebook

Android 8.1 may allow SMSs to be sent and received on Chromebook
Android 8.1 Chromebook
Android 8.1 may allow more interaction with Chromebooks

Google released the first trial version of the new Android 8.1 Oreo version last week. At this moment, many have already gotten their hands on this new version of Google OS, even before it starts to hit the Pixel. It was in this version that a feature that has long been demanded on Chromebooks was discovered.

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Chromebooks are "Google computers" whose operating system is ChromeOS. This is a large internet based operating system that is capable of simple tasks. This being the ecosystem that Google offers us between PCs and smartphones, users have been asking for more interaction.

One of the requests from users has been the ability to send and reply to messages directly from the Chromebook. Well, everything points to this kind of interaction between the smartphone and the Chromebook being possible with the arrival of Android 8.1 Oreo.

At first developer preview From the new version of Android, ArsTechinca has discovered a feature called "SMS Connect", discovered in the "SMSConectPrebuilt" APK. This feature will then allow you to send and reply to messages received on your Android smartphone directly from your Chromebook.

Once this feature is triggered, a configuration screen will appear for it as you can see from the previous image. On the Chromebook side, in your browser navigation bar, you will have to type "chrome: // flags" to enable the "Enable Multidevice features" feature and then restart the operating system. That said, you should already have the option "SMS Connect".

Maybe you can reply to your messages on your Chromebook after Android 8.1 arrives

These are the supposed steps to follow to enable the feature. But the truth is that even after all these steps have been made, ArsTechnica people have not been able to get this feature running.

Moreover, there is no indication from either of these devices that synchronization is enabled between them. This will surely mean that this is a feature that is still in the testing phase and there is no guarantee that it will be officially available with Android 8.1.

In any case, it would be very interesting of Google if it allowed its users to use it. It would thus provide greater interaction between devices.

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