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R99 TV box Android 7.1.2 is the fastest unlocked TV box for 2018

R99 TV box Android 7.1.2

In this post, we’re excited to present to you the new (2018 UPDATED VERSION) of the R99 Smart TV Box, brought you by EntertainmentBox.com. This powerhouse of a device is still powered by a Hexa-Core GPU, with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, but is now running on the new 7.1.2 Android platform. 

New updated R99 click here to see: EBox R99 V2 Smart TV box on Android | 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM Android 7.1.2


R99 TV Box Review

Video Demo, video review, unboxing video


A quick unboxing will reveal the same sleek design, quality and durable structure as the previous incarnation of this device. It is still encased in black aluminium with the R99 logo on the top. On the bottom, you have a rubber pad on the bottom to prevent sliding. To the side, you’ll find an infrared panel for use with the optional wireless remote. Turning to the other side you’ll find the SD card port, Type C USB cable port, and the USB 2 and 3 ports. Finally, we have the ethernet cable port, optical out, HDMI port, power cable port, and small pin reset button.

In the box

Further, into the box, you’ll find a basic remote control. Removing the battery compartment, you will find a USB dongle to be used in conjunction with the remote. Lastly, we have a power supply (which will vary in type depending on your country of origin) an HDMI power cable and the instruction manual.

Extra R99 Accessories 

There are a few add-ons available that work great with the R99 and can aid in getting the best experience from your device.


First, is the Ipega (I-Peg-a) Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller. This sleek and lightweight controller is perfect for navigation or gaming. On the face, it has a touch sensitive pad, the familiar gaming buttons, dual analogue mini sticks and cross pad, and even volume controls at the bottom.  On the back, there are two trigger buttons and two shoulder buttons. And on the top is an extendable slot where you can lock your mobile phone and use in conjunction with the IPEGA.

S77 Pro remote

Next, is the S77 Pro Voice Remote. This Pro Remote allows for easier use of your R99 or other devices. It is highly functional and designed for use in dimly lit areas. The buttons on the face can be illuminated, as well as the convenient keypad located on the back. It also has motion sensitivity for more precise navigation. But quite possibly a unique feature is the mic located on the upper right-hand side of the remote, which gives you the option of speaking voice-activated commands to your TV Box. Speak to the remote to open searches, settings menus or in operation in conjunction with other applications. Let’s dim the lights and demonstrate how the S77 Pro looks when illuminated in the dark. You can see both sides light up in succession when turned to be used.

Home launcher

You’ll immediately notice how bright and clean each icon looks on the display.  These are, of course, fully customizable and any default shortcut can be replaced with another application. Simply clicking the icon, hold the button and once the pop-up window appears, replace it with another of your choosing.

New R99 Launcher

Android App stores

Opening up the Google Play Store, we’ll next look at how simple it is to search, download and install all of your favourite apps using the voice activation function. Whether you’re interested in movie apps, live television, or games, you’ll only need to speak a category to be quickly provided with hundreds and thousands of selections from which to choose. And with the R99’s processing power, navigation in and out of windows quickly is a breeze.

It works the same with the Aptoide TV app.  As you can see, there are thousands of different apps to choose from and dragging the mouse button up on the screen reveals the unique way Aptoide TV organizes these seemingly endless applications. To demonstrate the simple process of downloading and installing your favourite apps, we’ll click on the Facebook icon. In the next window, you will find an orange “Install” button on the right side of the screen. Clicking that will start the downloading process. Once finished, you can launch it straight away, or find it later on one of your many customizable pages.

Latest Kodi installed

Most are familiar with Kodi, the popular movie and live television streaming app. But did you know that it’s possible to install more than one version of Kodi, each with its own separate repository and build? You might have noticed that we already have Kodi version 16.7 installed. Using the Ebox Store, we will download and install a different version of Kodi by EntertainmentBox which is based on SPMC version 17.6 and is currently the latest version. Each version will operate as any other Kodi build but having more than one build on your device allows for multiple sets of repositories, add-ons and other customizations using the ad-source function.

Kodi 17.6

Installing 2 different Kodi builds on one device

We’ll take look at the older build first, and as you can see, this is the EBMC version of Kodi 16.7 compiled on May 26, 2017. And here we have the newer version, and as you can plainly see, this is the 17.6 version compiled on November 14, 2017. Now you can now customize and fill each build with your favourite repository and get access to near limitless movies and live television. Let’s not forget that there are many other ways to enjoy media besides Kodi. You can create or sync your Amazon Prime or Netflix accounts to enjoy all the high-quality content that they offer. With the R99 TV Box, your video or television content can be streamed in 4k or Ultra HD.

EBox store

You might notice that we don’t currently have the Amazon Prime app installed on this device. You can easily click and download this app by opening and searching for it within any of the app stores. We are going to use the EBox Store.  Entertainment Box has organized some of the best apps from each country of origin which makes getting some of the best and most used applications a breeze. Clicking on the “Top Apps” button and then on the “Amazon Prime” button will then give you access to download and install it.


Voice activation while using apps

The voice activation function gives you the hands-free ability to open apps simply by speaking a few simple phrases. Simply say “Okay Google” to activate this function and then “Open Kodi” or “Open Netflix”. This feature even works when apps are currently in use and you can switch from application to application seamlessly, as shown here. Find and play trailers to movies you’re interested in on YouTube and then switch back to Netflix to enjoy without ever having to pick up the remote.

Google Home theme using A TV box

Latest Android operating system, version 7.1.2

You can see this R99 TV box is indeed on the latest Android version 7.1.2. this brings the R99 up to date with all our latest TV boxes on sale. With a newer Android OS comes new features including voice control even when inside apps like Kodi or Netflix.

Android 7.1.2

Expandable internal storage 

Let’s quickly take a look at another unique feature of the R99.  If you find yourself running low on storage space, first, simply insert a USB pen drive into the side of the device.  Then, format the drive and change the settings of the device to now use the USB as “internal” storage.  Applications will now be downloaded directly to the USB drive and you will have all the extra space you need.

Antutu Benchmark

Up next is always the popular Antutu Benchmark Test.  If you’re familiar with the older version of the R99 and its benchmark scores, then you should notice immediately that the NEW version performs EVEN better. This powerhouse of a TV Box has increased in overall speed and power from its previous incarnation. Looking more into the actual benchmark numberics will clearly show that THIS device outperforms anything of its type currently on the market today.

WIFI speed Test

Now we’ll run a standard Ooklah internet speed test so that you can get an idea of the speed and responsiveness of this device.  We’ll first test the ethernet connection.  And now we’ll run the same test on the WIFI connection. The final results show the WIFI clocking in at around 43mbps download and about 19mbps upload. And, as one might have expected, the ethernet clocks in a zippy 70mbps download and about 19.5mbps upload.


Gaming  And 4K playback

Now, how about we relax a bit by killing a few zombies as we look some the available gameplay while using the Ipeg (I-Peg-a) Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Controller. And the R99 also plays 4K videos flawlessly. Below are some screenshots of the device in action. 



This is new 2018 updated version of the R99 TV box that outperforms any tv box in its class. With its updated 7.1.2 Android operating system and improved performance, this device will see you through many happy years to come. This is the NEW Android 7.1.2 version of the R99 Smart TV Box, available for purchase now at EntertainmentBox.com  


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