Android 11 will leave users frustrated when using the smartphone camera

Android 11 native camera

Over the past few years, the vast majority of manufacturers have made major changes not only in the quality of their smartphone cameras, but also in what their native application has to offer. Even so, many users end up giving preference to the use of applications developed by third parties.

One of the most popular is undoubtedly the GCam, which over the years has been adapted for dozens of smartphones from different brands. Now, according to information advanced by Android Police, Google has confirmed that in Android 11 the use of the camera will be quite different. In many situations, users will be required to use their smartphone’s native camera.

In the explanation given by Google, this implementation comes with the sole objective of ensuring the security and privacy of its users.

Android 11 native camera

How this new Android 11 functionality will work in practice

Although some users may be frustrated by this decision by Google, there seems to be no reason to do so. Basically, whenever an application needs to use the smartphone’s cameras, you will be required to use the application that arrives pre-installed. However, it is important to note that in most situations, it is possible to take a photo with your favorite App and then use the images through the gallery.

A perfect example that justifies this security measure

Nowadays, it is increasingly common for users to access their various bank accounts (either from traditional banks or online banks), requiring login with their personal data. However, there is often a security measure that you ask when using to take a selfie with your identification document, or simply take a photo of a particular document.

This type of request has become increasingly common in any application that uses the KYC method to confirm the identity of its users.

If the user chooses to choose an application developed by a third party, there is a great possibility that this application will not be safe and end up putting all their information at risk.

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