Android 11 will integrate wireless charging alerts. Understand how


Google is preparing the next version of its operating system for mobile phones: Android 11. The operating system should be officially presented in May at the Google I / O event, but until then, news starts to emerge. One of them is wireless charging alerts.

As 9to5Google advances, when a mobile phone running Android 11 is landed on a wireless charging base incorrectly, the user is notified. A red message at the bottom of the screen will ask for the phone to be reset so that wireless charging can be done.

Example of the warning message on a Google Pixel

Although I don’t use wireless charging a lot, it happened to me that I landed the phone incorrectly on the base and only realized after the equipment was not charging. So this function may seem like a small addition, but it is quite useful.

It was not explained how Android 11 will be able to make this detection. This is likely to be by aligning the internal components with the wireless charger. Anyway, this is another function that we can expect in Android 11.

Screen recording and sensitivity adjustment

Google introduced native screen recording on Android 10. However, the recording did not work well at all, forcing the company to withdraw functionality. A second attempt will now be made with Android 11. The truth is that most manufacturers already include a screen recorder like Samsung and Huawei in their interface.

We also have the touch sensitivity adjustment on the screen. This adjustment can be useful for those who place plastic or glass protectors on the screen, which can sometimes reduce the sensitivity on the screen.

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