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Android 11 will bring much requested feature to Dark Mode!

Android 11 will bring much requested feature to Dark Mode!

Google introduced Dark Mode on Android 10, but Android 11 is expected to further improve functionality. According to the new information, the Google prepares for users to schedule Dark Mode on their smartphones.

That is, you will be able to execute a command that makes Dark Mode active from a certain time. This feature already partially exists on Android. You can choose to turn on Dark Mode in Apps when the battery is low. The new feature will let you select what time you want Dark Mode to be active.

Dark mode smartphone

Dark Mode is increasingly used

With the arrival of Dark Mode on the Android and iOS system, many users prefer to have their system darker. This new feature will give users even more freedom.

Instead of manually selecting Dark Mode, the user can set that from 8 pm onwards his smartphone goes "dark" and hurts less eyes at the end of a working day.

Advantages of Dark Mode in Applications and System

  • Saves more battery on smartphone
  • Does not hurt eyes in night use
  • A different design than usual

When will Android 11 arrive?

If all goes as expected, it is believed that Android 11 will be officially unveiled at the Google I / O conference in May. The system update for Google Pixel and Android One will arrive a few months later.

Smartphones with fewer User Interface changes are usually the ones that receive the fastest updates. An example of this is Nokia with Android One and OnePlus with a system identical to pure Android.

Still, brands like Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung are struggling to increasingly anticipate system upgrades for their smartphones.

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