Android 11: virtual statue arrives with a surprise that takes you on a culinary adventure!

Android 11 recipe statue

After being officially launched for some smartphones, Google decided to finally reveal the new Android 11 statue. However, due to the special circumstances implemented thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the revelation was made virtually, with a statue in augmented reality.

As it has done on several occasions, Google took the opportunity to toast its fans with one more easter egg. If you explore the statue on your smartphone (or computer), you’ll be able to find a cooking recipe that will help all Android fans to make their own cake Red Velvet.

Android 11 recipe statue

We did not put the recipe to the test, but considering the ingredients present, it seems to be a legitimate recipe that will result in a very appetizing cake.

How you can see the new Android 11 statue on your smartphone

First of all, you need to have a smartphone compatible with augmented reality, otherwise you will have to open the following link on your computer. For compatible smartphones, just access the official site of the statue’s revelation and point the camera at a place with enough space for the statue to be represented.

Android 11

In one of the corners of the base of the statue of Android 11 you will find a small piece of paper attached with tape. On this paper is the list of all the ingredients you need to make the cake Red Velvet Perfect.

Still in the statue you will be able to find a very interesting detail. At the back of one of the numbers you will find the complete list of all the news implemented in the new version of Android. It is not yet possible to confirm, but it is possible that Google will decide to implement these two Easter Eggs in the final physical version, which will be displayed in the already recognized Google garden.

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