Android 11: bug is making users furious and Google does nothing!

Android 11 Google bug

Although the vast majority of smartphones are still awaiting the arrival of the update for Android 11, it has already been officially launched more than a month ago. However, a bug that had already been reported by many users during the testing phase is still present and affecting thousands of smartphones.

Basically, this bug prevents applications and games from actually entering mode Full Screen. When activating the mode Full Screen, the application continues to have its image cropped by the notification bar and navigation buttons, and it is not possible to view important parts of the screen.

Android 11 Google bug

According to several users, this bug can be temporarily fixed by simply restarting the application or game, but it does not always work and is guaranteed to be a real headache. Obviously, this bug makes the entire smartphone usage experience much less positive, especially if you want to watch videos on YouTube or start a PUBG Mobile session.

Google is doing nothing to resolve this bug

Bugs are common in any and all pieces of technology and users understand that. However, the scenario changes completely when it is known that this bug has existed since the testing phases of Android 11. At the time, Google was alerted to this event, but ended up doing nothing, claiming that it had failed to replicate the problem. .

Now, considering that there are many more reports about this bug, it seems unlikely that Google will ignore its users again. We will wait for official statements from the company, but most likely you already have your team of developers working on a solution.

If you are affected by this problem, it is not worth trying to format your smartphone. In addition to the great work involved in re-installing and Login in all your applications and games, you will not be able to get rid of the bug.

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