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Analysts do not believe in the success of this upcoming iPhone

Analysts do not believe in the success of this upcoming iPhone

Market analysts have been talking repeatedly about Apple and the consensus seems enlightening. Analysts like Cris Caso, Raymond James or even the well-known Ming-Chi Kuo do not believe this next iPhone could give Apple the success that Tim Cook so desires.

This is because, according to your predictions, this iPhone will not bring so much news that justify the purchase of the terminal. This will only happen in 2020 with the launch of the first iPhone 5G.

Apple iPhone 11

A new design or 5G?

Personally, while 5G is not worldwide, I would rather invest in an iPhone with a different design rather than another with 5G capabilities.

However, we have to realize that people who buy an iPhone are usually investing in a smartphone for a few years and the 5G is right here at the door. That is, who buy the next iPhone may well buy the latest model without 5G that the company will launch.

Analysts Seriously Believe in 5G iPhones

Analysts believe my opinion is wrong and that consumers will rush to the stores to buy 2020 models. The same goes for this year's models. It is predicted that it will be the 2020 iPhones that will bring Apple back to the trillion dollars in stock market valuation.

Will we have a different iPhone for 2020?

By our accounts, the 2019 iPhone will have a different design and the 2020 model will just be an "S". That is, better specifications and an equal design. However, Apple's chief designer Jony Ive left the company. That is, everything that goes into design going forward is a little unknown.

Still, we have to remember that we have a CEO like Tim Cook. An executive who is more passionate about services than hardware. In fact, even Steve Jobs said it at one point.

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