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ANACOM accuses 6.5% increase in telecommunications in UK

Between the end of 2009 and the end of 2020, the average price of telecommunications in UK increased by 6.5%, in contrast to the average in the European Union (EU), where prices fell by 11%. The data has now been advanced by the EUROSTAT center.

The metrics were also shared by the National Communications Authority (ANACOM) last Tuesday, citing the European Agency’s full report. It is another attack by the regulator against MEO (Altice UK), NOS and Vodafone.

Telecommunication prices dropped 11% in Europe

Variation in telecommunications prices. Credit: ANACOM

“The difference narrowed with the entry into force on 15 May 2019 of the new European rules that regulate the prices of intra-EU communications”, highlighted ANACOM, in the press release released this Tuesday (24).

In view of the values ​​mentioned in the graph above, only the Slovenia and Romania registered a higher increase in the price of telecommunications during the period under review, of 7.2% and 17.6%, respectively.

Outside the report are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Sweden and Estonia, countries for which Eurostat did not collect data, therefore, not being taken into account in the UK’s regulator’s observations.

“The differences between the evolution of telecommunications prices in UK and in the EU are mainly due to the” price adjustments “that providers have implemented over several years, usually in the first months of each year.”, Comments ANACOM.

High prices compared to other European Union countries

ANACOM IN MEO Vodafone Altice Portugal
Evolution of telecommunications prices in UK and the EU. Credit: ANACOM

The national regulator points out the high prices in the offer of electronic communications services when compared to the EU average and, on a case-by-case basis, compared to most Member States. The trend, in fact, would continue to worsen were it not for European directives to force a decrease in the prices of intra-EU calls, for example

The conclusion is obvious and worrying. “UK continues to record retail prices for the offers of electronic communications services high compared to those of other countries in the European Union”, points out ANACOM.

The regulator also points out that “Several independent international organizations have made international comparisons of telecommunications prices for the residential segment over the years.

The results of the most recent price comparisons promoted by the European Commission are shown in the following graphs. (ATTENTION: the lower the value of the index, the higher the prices) “, highlights the regulator.

Data source: CE, DESI 2020. Credit: ANACOM

The same scenario is observed when analyzing the prices of convergent offers – commonly referred to as 4P or 5P packages – with TV + NET + VOZ + MOBILE services, for example. Also in this perspective, prices in UK occupy the fifth position among the highest prices in the EU.

The trend is observed across the spectrum of offers from MEO (Altice UK), NOS and Vodafone, as the largest operators in UK. Something that the regulator has now exposed in various graphs, illustrating our position vis-Ă -vis the EU.

4P / 5P packages in UK occupy the fifth position among the most expensive in the EU

Data source: CE, DESI 2020. Credit: ANACOM

When observing the prices of 2P packages (NET + VOZ), the so-called individualized voice and internet services, registered the same conclusions. From this perspective, we also ranked 5th with the most expensive offer among the group of countries observed.

On the other hand, when studying the offers of isolated broadband (internet), UK occupies the seventh position among the highest prices.

The regulator also shared its conclusions regarding the annual rate of change of the minimum monthly fee per type of offer, referring to the month of October 2020 and whose findings can be seen below, in the chart below.

NOWO stands out positively compared to MEO, NOS and Vodafone

Variation in monthly fees by type of offer. Credit: ANACOM

“The evolution of Telecommunications prices”, heading of the report released by ANACOM, explains the variations in monthly fees for services and offers evaluated. The positive highlight goes to NOWO, the cheapest operator.

On the other hand, MEO, NOS and Vodafone have lower monthly fees for two types of offers, but with regard to Internet access, NOWO is the one that offers the best prices. The monthly fee of 20 euros is the lowest in this offer, being 20% ​​more affordable than that of the other service providers.

Finally, ANACOM again points the finger at the concerted increase in monthly fees in 3P packages. Here, both MEO, NOS and Vodafone increased prices by 3.3% between October and November 2020.

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