Among Us was full of cheaters and you should know why

Among Us was full of cheaters and you should know why

Among Us and the cheaters

Among us

One of the games of the moment is without a doubt Among US. This title, which is not new, but has recently achieved great popularity among players around the world, is causing a sensation. The problem is that it could quickly go into oblivion if its developers are not able to solve the different security issues that have been found.

Let’s go by parts and start at the beginning. For the last couple of months, there have been many players complaining about a proliferation of cheaters that are ruining the gaming experience. What’s more, you may even have noticed yourself that there are games where strange things happen for no apparent reason or explanation.

Well, it is true that the number of cheaters within Among Us has been on the rise. Due to the popularity of the game there are those who have been digging into the guts of its code. Some with the intention of modifying and removing certain restrictions, while others directly to see how to exploit potential vulnerabilities to gain an advantage in games.

In that first case, in that of users seeking to remove some limitations, there was James Sebree. This researcher from the security company Tenable published a post on Medium about hacking Among US. In it he tells how initially he only intended to see if he could remove the maximum of 10 players from each game. The problem is that when you started looking at the code you noticed that there was something else.

Without going into technical details that are surely beyond the knowledge of many, Sebree managed to find a way to make the game practically play for him. I mean, these security flaws allowed for such crazy and negative things that they ruined the most basic mechanics of the game. For example, he could handle other characters, kill them at will, teleport around the ship, cross walls, move faster than the rest or obtain objects without paying them among other actions.

After reading Sebree’s article, you understand much better why the number of cheaters has been growing rapidly over the past few weeks. Because these bugs practically allow you to do what you want and when you want within the game. It is true that some of these bugs seem to be being resolved by its developer, but they put the title in check.

The future of Among Us: improving your server

From what James Sebree comments, the big problem of Among Us is or seems to be on your server that it is not able to validate the information that each player’s game client sends. Therefore, with “small and simple” applications they can be tricked into achieving this advantage over the rest.

Is this a problem for the future of Among Us? Yes and very big, because if large titles suffer from problems of this type and despite a large amount of resources lose players, the Innersloth game could directly be forgotten by all those who are looking for public games and not just with friends.

The positive part is that it seems that Innersloth is working on each and every one of these issues. At the moment it seems that some have already been resolved and stopped allowing cheats to roam freely. Hopefully they can tackle the rest and Among Us continues to be for many that escape from the daily routine and a place where they can hang out while having fun with friends or other players.

Otherwise, its developer should not be punished for these security flaws. After all, popularity came to them suddenly and being a small company it is very difficult to manage that excessive growth and the “hunger” of many when something becomes popular to see how they can take advantage of the smallest detail in their favor.


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