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Among Us has its own short (and it’s way better than you think)

Among Us, the hit of the year

With the overwhelming success you are having Among us In recent months, few would say the game was actually released two years ago. But it is like this. The title, developed by InnerSloth, It was released on June 15, 2018 to be more exact, however, its explosion has come two years later – how capricious this little world is sometimes, right? -, being at the moment the video game par excellence within mobile telephony .

And what has happened to enjoy this crazy growth right now? You may be wondering. Well, a growing interest on the part of streamers gamers on YouTube and Switch, who have achieved that Among us popularize at the speed of light, currently surpassing the 85 million downloads on mobile devices – soon to be said.

Among us

In case you don’t know it, the title is of type multiplayer and presents us with a spaceship in which a group of players get on board. Each of the participants assumes a role (which is played randomly), which can be that of a member of the crew or an impostor. The objective you will already be imagining: discover the impostor (or impostors, since there can be a maximum of two) and unmask him before he kills everyone and emerges victorious.

As you can see, it is a well-known dynamic in the world of board games (such as Cluedo) and even from the letters (Bang! could be a good example) that now makes the leap as a mobile app to interconnect people all over the world.

Its repercussion is such that a short has already been created about it: a small film of about 12 minutes whose result is being liked much more than you might imagine at first …

The Among Us short

Arya Lee and Jay Samuelz are responsible for this idea. The filmmakers wanted to take advantage of the pull of the game to create a short film in which the title story is adapted. For the filming they had the participation of several professional actors (the directors themselves also appear) and, as you will see in the video, everything is quite well set, with a very attractive aesthetic.

The plot presents us in this way a group of crew members in a spaceship who begin to suspect if there is a traitor among them as a result of the mysterious death of one of their companions. An entertaining video that you will find fun to watch (especially if you play).

You have it right below. Sit back and press the play.


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