Amazon will only need your hand to identify you, reveals new patent

Amazon Go Patent

Amazon Go stores continue to expand, especially in the United States. Currently, these stores that do not have employees use reading the app on users’ smartphones to identify them. However, this form of identification may soon be renewed.

According to a new patent registered with Patent and Trademark Office in the United States, Amazon has patented a new technology that just needs to do scan both hands to recognize the user.

Amazon Go Patent

This is not the first application for such a technology.

Although registration of this patent does not mean that the company will actually develop and apply this new technology, it is already known that they are testing a similar technology. In the big chain Whole foods, Amazon is testing a new payment technology where users just have to read through their hands.

Accordingly, it appears that if these tests are successfully conducted, Amazon could expand the use of the new technology to Amazon Go stores. In addition, most of the team listed in the development of this technology are employees of Amazon Go.

Obviously, this type of technology will eventually raise even more controversy about the various risks related to users’ privacy. But this kind of problem has never been an impediment for Amazon to implement new technologies.

Amazon Patent Biometric Sensor

Patent Description Explains How This Technology Will Work

The accompanying description gives us a very clear idea how this new biometric sensor will work. Basically, it will capture two groups of images that will serve to identify users.

The first set of images will serve to identify external characteristics of the hand. While the second set will serve to identify internal elements such as veins, bones and soft tissues.

Also in the patent, reference is made to a possible use of this technology. The device can be placed in a store and each “read” can be associated with a personal account. This way, when a user collects products from the store, the company can easily charge the associated amount to their account.

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