Amazon pleaded guilty to a defective third-party seller item on its web site

Amazon pleaded guilty to a defective third-party seller item on its web site

The Pennsylvania district court has issued a ruling that could set a dangerous precedent for Amazon. This court decided against Jeff Bezos's company in a lawsuit regarding a defective product sold by third parties in its online store.

As you know, Amazon isn't the only one selling products in its online stores. The US company also allows third parties to put their products up for sale on the platform for a fee. This rate has already yielded $ 11 billion to Amazon alone between January and March this year.

Amazon's policies currently state that Amazon is not responsible for products sold by third parties. However, the decision of the Pennsylvania district court could change this scenario.

Defective collar for a dog is the origin of the lawsuit against Amazon

The case goes back to 2016 when Heather Oberdorf bought a retractable leash for her dog through Amazon's online store. This collar eventually broke during a walk with the animal, causing Oberdorf to go blind in one eye.

This defective product was sold by a third party seller, but the injured party accused Amazon of negligence. Several other courts concluded that Jeff Bezos's company could not be found guilty of what happened. But the latest decision by the Pennsylvania district court comes to rule in favor of the complainant.

The ruling of this court reads that Amazon enables third-party sellers to hide from buyers. Practice that can lead to those who buy defective articles being left without any response from the responsible for that article.

What influence could this decision have for the future of Amazon?

This ruling against Amazon could set a dangerous precedent for the US giant. Should more courts begin to act in the same way, the retail giant could start facing problems it cannot control itself.

We do not know if there is any sort of screening for products that are placed on the Amazon site by third parties. Assuming this is not the case, many defective products may appear in the online store without Amazon being responsible.

If the company is repeatedly held liable for such defective products, there will be many damages that the company will have to give without any fault whatsoever.

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