Amazon may acquire a movie theater chain

Amazon may acquire a movie theater chain

Amazon Cinemas

Amazon is without any doubt the most popular online retail company in the world, selling all sorts of products we can literally imagine. Now, according to the latest information, it appears that you may be planning to purchase a chain of theaters.

According to the Bloomberg the chain of cinemas in question is the Landmark Theaters. Belonging to a business group in which the multi-millionaire Mark Cuban is present.

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This strategic breakthrough for the "big screen" could make your films even more serious. Earning the much desired respect in the eyes of Hollywood. Especially considering the great success of some of his original productions, which were even awarded in the Academy Awards 2017.

In the world of streaming, Amazon continues a fierce fight with Netflix. Having invested around € 4 billion in the production of original content for its content platform. streaming in 2017.

Amazon wants to enter the world of Hollywood through the big screens of theaters

But while Netflix focuses exclusively on offering movies and series via streaming, Amazon has a much broader offering portfolio. Offering your customers virtually anything they might need.

During the recent times we have seen Amazon develop a vast list of devices and services. In essence all arrived with the same goal, to attract the user into their own ecosystem.

It would surely be a great victory for Jeff Bezos's company to be recognized as a true entertainment giant. The truth is that the platforms of streaming They are still "looked at" by the great Hollywood influencers.

Amazon Landmark Theater

Despite its achievements in 2017, Amazon Studios still fails to earn the desired respect in Hollywood. Steven Spielberg made his point that "these productions should not even be eligible for the Oscars."

On the other hand, if this movie chain were to make original Amazon content available on the big screen, it could be the giant leap the company has been looking for. If Amazon movie fashion hits, you may soon have the company movies at a movie theater near you.

It is worth mentioning that this information has not yet received official confirmation. It is impossible to really know if Amazon will be willing to provide the necessary funds to buy the movie chain Landmark Theaters by Mark Cuban.

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