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Amazon launches channels on Prime Video and you are interested in knowing what they are

What are Prime Video Channels

The Amazon Prime Video catalog is much more interesting than many may think. It is true that it is not as broad as Netflix, but there are still high quality content and more than interesting proposals such as the popular series The Boys.

Well, to make the service even more attractive, Amazon brings to UK, Italy and the Netherlands an option that has been in other countries for a long time, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany. We are referring to Prime Video Channels.

The Prime Video Channels are nothing more than channels that offer all the content of platforms such as Starzplay, MBM, Mubi, OUTtv or Noggin among others within the Prime Video application. In this way, when you access the service, you will be able to access a much broader catalog that is made up of each and every one of these proposals plus Amazon’s own. So Prime Video becomes a content aggregator.

How much do Prime Video Channels cost

The access to these platforms from Amazon’s own Prime Video app it’s not free. The only thing the company does is serve as an aggregator, so that to view the content of each of the channels you will have to pay an additional monthly fee. These prices vary and range from 2.99 euros to 9.99 euros. The exact prices for each channel available at the moment are:

If we take into account that Prime Video is a service that you can access without any cost just by being an Amazon Prime subscriber, the truth is that it may be the ideal opportunity for more than one of the channels to gain users and increase income. Although it is not the only advantage they will obtain, the main one is greater visibility.

Where they can be seen

The new Prime Video Channels introduced by Amazon can be viewed from any device compatible with the Prime Video app. That means that from iOS, Android devices as well as the corresponding Fire TV the company or Smart TV televisions will allow you to enjoy this new leisure offer.

All you have to do is go to the official application and you will see that there is one new tab called Channels. When you access it, you will see that all the available ones and their most outstanding contents appear. However, it may not appear in all clients, but through it you should be able to access them.

Amazon Prime video as a content aggregator

Betting on these channels is an interesting move both for each of the platforms and for Amazon itself. Today it is vital to have a good number of users, for platforms like Starzplay, Mubi and the like, getting them is not that simple. However, being on the cover of Prime Video, things change.

For Prime Video, for its part, it is a way of compete against giants like Netflix, Disney + or HBO that have a wide catalog. Which would also allow its users to retain much more loyalty who end up paying Amazon Prime without question, which is one of the great objectives in the end for them because of what the entire online sales business implies later.

In summary, that with so many platforms and catalogs, having everything in one place helps the user to have more hand with those contents that might interest them. In addition, the idea is that these channels continue to grow and even offer the programming of traditional television networks through the internet.


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