Amazon has put more PlayStation 5 on sale … but not for everyone

PlayStation 5 will not be compatible with 1,440p, is this bad news?

The new batch of PlayStation 5 has gone on sale early and as expected, the units have disappeared in a matter of seconds. Amazon has been another distributor in charge of offering more units and although the console seems to have already disappeared from the catalog, everything indicates that its availability has been limited to certain users. But who?

Controlling speculation

Buy PS5 Amazon

What Amazon has done is limit availability of the product to those users who they could already buy a unit at the time. If you entered the giant’s website with a profile that had previously bought a console, the product would directly appear as Unavailable, while if you logged in with a different profile that had never purchased a PS5, the product would appear on stock and with the possibility of including it in the basket.

This is obviously a measure against speculation and the resale movement that is being generated around the console. Such is the demand and lack of stock, that many users are willing to pay astronomical amounts for the long-awaited console, currently being the number of 700 euros the standard amount for purchasing one.

Can you buy a PlayStation 5 on Amazon?

DualSense PS5

Currently the product is out of stock, and we do not know if more units will be available throughout the day. All the stores that had prepared stock of the new shipment have sold out all their available units in a matter of seconds, so we imagine that Amazon will be in a similar situation as the rest.

When will the new shipment be received?

Apparently, the estimated delivery times for the shipments of this new shipment are scheduled for December 29, so the new units will arrive just enough to say goodbye to the year. Taking into account that the previous shipment will arrive on December 11, it seems that the consoles are arriving for periods of 15 days, so we will see if for next January 15 we will have another capture attempt.


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