Amazon Echo Show 5: the full review 2020

    Amazon Echo Show 5: the full test

    At the end of May 2019, Amazon surprised us by presenting a miniature version of its Echo Show. Instead of the 10.1-inch screen, the American company chose to incorporate a 5.5-inch LCD panel (960 x 480 pixels) into this model. This de facto turns the device into an ideal companion to place on a nightstand, enhancing the mixed experience of the Echo Spot.

    Users of the large version of the Echo Show can already rejoice, everything it offers is fully available on this more compact version. The Echo Show 5 even has an additional function: following the request of several customers, Amazon has finally decided to integrate a physical shutter to hide the camera.

    More privacy

    This reassures those who will use it in their bedroom, kingdom of intimacy. It is of course always possible to mute the microphone, but in this case the button lights up in red which can be disturbing in a perfectly dark room. The same goes for the screen which – although it is sieved at night – remains on. We measured screen brightness at its maximum of 255 cd / m2 for a contrast of 1,275: 1.

    News for the clock radio

    Who says device dedicated to the room, says alarm clock. With the launch of the Echo Show 5, Amazon is taking the opportunity to add new dedicated options. It is thus possible to ask him to start a particular song to be awakened. To avoid an anonymous and stressful ringing, we can also ask him for a radio in particular. Just tap on the top of the device (without pressing any button) to put it to sleep and restart the ringing nine minutes later, the famous “snooze”.

    Amazon is adding two new Skills, the equivalent of apps for Alexa. For the launch in UK of the first Echo Show, Amazon had worked with BFMTV to create a skill to launch the video stream for the television channel. With the arrival of this 5.5 inch version, two new information skills arrive with LCI and UKinfo. About a hundred skills are now compatible with the screens of the two Echo Show.

    An integrated karaoke mode

    In terms of music, Amazon has added a very trendy karaoke function at the moment – it will also make its debut in Apple Music in iOS 13. When you start a song, its lyrics will appear on the screen as you go we can sing them in rhythm. But the audio quality of the device is not really there, logical enough for its relatively compact size. However, it is possible to connect an external speaker to its 3.5 mm audio jack output.

    The lareview addition to Amazon is the ability to erase part of your voice command history by voice. “Alexa, delete what I said today”, delete all of the actions for the day. “Alexa, erase what I just said”, makes disappear the last voice command carried out.

    For the rest, the Echo Show 5 remains faithful to what Alexa already knows how to do: order connected objects (the Google Nest thermostat is now compatible), trigger timers, schedule reminders and launch programmed routines (turn on the light and start the radio on the way home). Either the classic uses offered by voice assistants on the market and which we have regularly mentioned on EntertainmentBox.



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