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Amazon Echo Flex and its three best accessories

Echo Flex as a smartwatch

The world of accessories can be extremely disappointing, with proposals of very poor quality and little utility. But also quite the opposite and thanks to that finding, from time to time, such interesting devices that you come to think why they have not been made before. This time we have one that could be included in the latter group, it is about Smart clock.

Third Reality is the company behind this smartwatch that is designed to complement and add an option that does not include the original product, the Amazon Echo Flex, as standard. Something that, for example, was already happening with other of the company’s smart speakers and hence the large number of accessories available for the Amazon Echo Dot.

As you can see in the images, this Smart Clock is neither more nor less than a smart clock that connects to the USB A port that includes the Echo Flex at the bottom. So when you do, let’s say you’d have something very similar to the Echo Dot with a clock that currently exists.

This clock can display the time in either 12 or 24 hour format. In it, in addition, the possible timers that you can start are also shown. To do this, yes, you need to install the Third Reality Skill. Finally, an additional detail is that the screen regulates the intensity of its lighting automatically through an integrated light sensor.

Priced at 19.99 eurosIf you have an Echo Flex and you thought that having a screen to show a clock might be useful, then go ahead. Because that is exactly what it is going to offer you. Although before launching into it, also consider the possibility of making an Echo Dot with a clock and one of the accessories that allows it to be connected to any plug in a similar way to the Flex.

Other accessories for the Echo Flex

The Smart Clock isn’t the only purpose-built, “Made for Amazon” certified accessory available for the Echo Flex. Two other proposals are the smart night light and a motion sensor that is accompanied in the same way, through the lower USB connection.

The smart night light allows you to adjust color and intensity through voice commands as you could with other connected lights. The only difference is that here it is directly attached to the Amazon device itself. It also offers other advantages such as automation of on and off, etc.

On the other hand is the Motion sensor for Echo Flex. Thanks to this product and by placing the Echo Flex at strategic points in the home, office or wherever you need it, you can program actions such as activating other connected devices when it detects presence, etc. Here everything depends on the needs of each one. The important thing is that the sensor is capable of detecting movements up to six meters away.

That said, the Echo Flex is one of the most particular Amazon smart devices, it does not gain in popularity over the rest of the products that make up the family, but it can be quite practical for which cases. But remember that it is not a product that you can use for regular uses such as listening to some music or podcasts, its speaker is designed only to listen to Alexa when we interact with the assistant.

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