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Amazon develops method to make Alexa smarter

Amazon develops method to make Alexa smarter

The Amazon team that develops Alexa is working on a new method that aims to improve the way the virtual assistant answers more complex questions. The new method combines text search and a custom knowledge graphic.

This new approach was shared by Amazon's Artificial Intelligence team leader – Abdalghani Abujabal – on the company's blog. The wizard will thus combine two normally competing methods, and the publication suggests a user question scenario:

“Which of Nolan's films won an Oscar but failed the Golden Globe?”

This is a question that is easy for a human to understand, but it contains purposeful pitfalls. First, it will be necessary to identify who “Nolan” is – director Christopher Nolan.

Then the assistant will have to realize that this is a director, as not a direct reference. And realize that after movies held. In doing so, you will have to cross references to those who have won an Oscar and also won a Golden Globe.

Only after that will Alexa identify the movies that will be on list A (Oscars), but not on list B (Golden Globes). To do this, the system uses relatively simple methods to answer the question.

In its approach to the user question, Alexa will look for clues in sentence structure, combining research and knowledge graph. After sorting the data, Alexa eventually comes up with the answer “Inception”. The new approach will continue to be worked on to make life even easier for those who use Alexa. If you are curious about getting to know it in detail, you can check out the Amazon Alexa blog.

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