Home Tablets Amazon accuses Donald Trump of "stalking" and takes the Pentagon to court

Amazon accuses Donald Trump of "stalking" and takes the Pentagon to court

Amazon accuses Donald Trump of "stalking" and takes the Pentagon to court

Unsurprisingly, media president Donald Trump is no big fan of Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos. However, it seems that Trump has once again taken his personal opinions too far.

Amazon recently found itself "knocked out" of a multi-million dollar contract with the US Department of Defense and awarded to rival Microsoft. After accusing Donald Trump of clearly influencing the ruling, the e-commerce giant has filed a lawsuit against the Pentagon.

Amazon Donald Trump Jeff Bezos

Microsoft Azure got the better of Amazon Web Services, but with the help of Donald Trump

This contract put the services of both companies face to face, and was valued at about 9 billion euros. So it is understandable that Amazon wants to see the whole decision making process clarified.

According to an Amazon representative, AWS is a service with a unique level of experience and skill that could deliver technology that is essential to the needs of the United States Army. In a statement sent to Mashable, he said they believed it was mandatory that the country's elected leaders be objective, not influenced by personal or political motivations.

They go even deeper, stating that the selection process in the JEDI project contract has presented clear flaws, errors and a biased final decision. Therefore, they conclude that all these processes must be examined and consequently rectified.

Donald Trump doesn't hide his "passion" for Amazon and its CEO

There are many situations where Donald Trump attacked both Amazon and Jeff Bezos on Twitter, making it quite clear that he is not sympathetic to both.

With regard to this contract, Trump revealed that it would keep the whole process "on the lookout", which ultimately made Amazon extremely uncomfortable.

Given the final outcome and the full history of the President of the United States and Amazon / Bezos on Twitter, it is only natural that the online giant wants the whole process to be reviewed by companies outside the US government.

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