The Amazfit T-Rex is the latest Xiaomi smart watch, now available in UK at Mi Store stores. The smartwatch stands out for its robustness, great autonomy and GPS location. It costs 140 € in UK and this can be yours!

With MIL-STD 12 military certifications, resisting extreme thermal amplitudes, waterproof to 5 ATM and resistant to sand, dust, humidity and other external factors. It is incredibly robust, yet lightweight and with smart functions.

The strengths of the Amazfit T-REX:

  • Battery life up to 20 days / 66 days
  • Range of exercises / sports supported (14)
  • Outdoor screen quality and visibility
  • Waterproof up to 50 m or 5 ATM
  • Simple and well-structured application – Amazfit
  • User comfort
  • Integrated GPS
  • Integration between training and sports

The weaknesses of the Amazfit T-REX:

  • Interface not available in UK’s (PT or BR)
  • Screen is not always on
  • Considerable dimensions: 47.7 × 47.7 × 13.5 mm

The extremely sporty design of the Xiaomi smartwatch

The circular screen is the element that stands out the most.

First impressions when opening the box are positive. Minimalist in nature, but careful in the presentation of the product elements and respective box. The T-REX draws inspiration from Casio’s legendary G-SHOCK, honoring this well-known legacy.

The watch shows strong features, made of plastic and solid in appearance. Although it is light – 58 grams – you can tighten it and you will not have creaks, a strong testimony of its construction quality and product robustness.

Large and light, Xiaomi’s “G-SHOCK”

The T-REX screen has a round frame with several visual elements.

The box includes a magnetic / USB pin charger, the smartwatch itself, plus a quick start guide. The clock has a total of 4 physical buttons to control the same if you don’t want to touch the screen so that, for example, you do not get it dirty.

We have the “Select” button on the right side, in addition to the “Back”, back button. On the left side we have two other buttons, “UP” and “DOWN”, to go up or down, along the interface and to navigate between the clock functions.

The silicone bracelet is 22 mm wide and is very comfortable all day. If necessary, it can be easily changed. It has a buckle and an extra ring to accommodate the excess bracelet.

The Amazfit T-REX is light and very comfortable!

The back and sensors of the Xiaomi smartwatch

Xiaomi’s smart watch was present on my wrist for 6 days. During that time I did not feel discomfort when sleeping, bathing and in everyday life. It can, however, get caught in clothing as its dimensions are considerable.

As a great highlight in this T-REX we have a 1.3 inch AMOLED screen, circular and complete. The smartwatch appears to have an oleophobic coating as the screen glass tends not to be covered with fingerprints and other dirt.

It is a touch-sensitive screen, but we can only use the 4 physical buttons to enjoy all the functions. Something useful since this watch will be used outdoors, during training sessions and in the most varied conditions.

At the bottom we have all the optical sensors of the watch, the BioTracker and the charging points. Inside there is an accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, in addition to heart rate and GPS.

The best and worst of the Amazfit T-REX: the design

Detail of the 4 screws and details present on the Xiaomi watch bezel

The design will share opinions, whether you like it, or choose another smartwatch. IS gross, for outdoor activities and without fear of taking a few falls. However, it is as far as possible from being a formal watch, nor was that the purpose of Xiaomi.

That said, we have a well-built watch with a bright screen, great color and good resolution 360 × 360 pixels with great density. The result is sharp images, well-saturated colors and good visibility outdoors.

Ask for not having the screen always on (always-on), but when raising the pulse the display is activated. Alternatively, by pressing one of its buttons the screen will also wake up, it is worth mentioning that has automatic brightness adjustment.

Military certification of the Amazfit T-REX

The Xiaomi watch is capable of surviving great adversities.

Military certification means the proven robustness of the Xiaomi smartwatch from extreme temperatures and conditions. From -40 ° C to 70 ° C, resisting cold, heat, humidity, salt and Water up to a pressure of 5 ATM, or depth of 50 meters.

Altogether the Amazfit T-REX has 12 military grade certifications, proving its resilience in challenging scenarios. This makes Xiaomi’s smart watch a product capable of surviving falls, scratches and other sports hazards billboard.

There are a total of 14 sports pre-programmed in this fitness smartwatch with the current firmware version. It is also worth noting that during the training sessions the GPS location is used to compile a more complete record of the user’s practices.

It was designed for sports, wherever you are!

Amazfit T-Rex
Activity registration starts with the Amazfit app

Xiaomi’s smart watch features 14 modes included. For each one we can follow the elapsed time, distance traveled, GPS location, calories burned and some specific metrics for each sport and type of practice.

The modalities included are the following: running, treadmill, trail running, walking, elliptical, hiking, climbing, sky, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, swimming in the pool, swimming in the open sea, fitness and triathlon (with the next OTA update ).

Unfortunately the interface is not available in UK’s in UK (or in Brazil) at the time of writing this review. It is also worth mentioning that the smartwatch uses the AmazfitOS software and operating system with periodic firmware updates.

The Amazfit T-REX is a good smartwatch with GPS

You can track the location thanks to GPS

The Amazfit T-REX is a good smartwatch with GPS, especially considering its price. Something that is applied in the monitoring of activities, accompanying the user throughout the exercise sessions. This is one of the watch’s strongest arguments.

The operating system, Amazfit OS, is based on gestures or swipes and we can only navigate with the physical side buttons. The user experience is good, with the clock being fast in all types of actions and navigation through the functions.

O delay between transitions it is minimal and we feel that the terminal is always ready to respond to needs. It is equally quick to enter the options as to start monitoring physical activities.

The watch has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection

Synchronizing the Xiaomi watch is easy and takes a few minutes.

The Xiaomi smartwatch has Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0 connection, as well as Wi-Fi at 2.4 Ghz for, for example, downloading firmware updates. Unfortunately we cannot transfer music to its 40 MB of internal storage.

The Amazfit app is available for Android and iOS free of charge. From there you synchronize the watch, choose watchfaces, see activity reports, graphs that you can share on social networks and more product details.

Synchronizing data with the company app is fast, and Bluetooth pairing is also quick. Synchronization with the application is fast, just scan a QR code at the beginning of the process.

Smartwatch autonomy can reach 66 days

The watch has an adapter to charge it

The battery 390 mAh capacity takes about 2 hours to load. Autonomy can last up to 66 days in Ultra mode, but in normal mode can reach 20 days of use without restrictions, this being the most common use.

If you are using the tracking continuous GPS, the Amazfit T-REX has autonomy to up to 20 hours. Here you will have a complete record, point by point, of your location and travel throughout the day / exercise.

In summary, we have 3 usage situations and battery life. Between 66 days for basic use, 20 days for normal use and 20 hours for continuous monitoring of the user’s position.

The watch is charged using the included magnetic base, more specifically, via the pogo-pins or magnetic attachments. On average, it takes 2 hours to fully charge.

You have multiple notifications to show on the watch

AmazfitOS is very intuitive and easy to understand.

Amazfit T-REX displays notifications on your left screen. There you will have access to notifications push sent by the phone application to the watch. It is also from the app that you can define which applications can send these notifications.

Among the tested apps we highlight Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger, SMS and the phone. The user cannot respond to notifications, but he already has a good information card, easy to access and to clean after consultation.

This point was a very positive surprise, especially when some more expensive models from Amazfit do not offer this option.

Verdict – great Xiaomi watch for sports billboard

Take this Xiaomi watch everywhere, it will resist!

We like almost everything on this watch, but we can summarize its qualities in immense robustness, great autonomy and GPS location included. All of this, crowned, with a good price / quality ratio if we take into account all its functions.

The Xiaomi watch was ugly for outdoor sports and fulfills that premise with great distinction! In addition, the price / quality ratio ends up making this product at the top of our recommendations.

The watch is very light and of plastic appearance, something that does not really support its design. However, if you like this look sporty then the T-REX will match the style.

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Amazfit T-REX is available at Mi Store stores in UK, where you will also have direct contact with the product before buying it and, of course, after-sales assistance, that is, warranty.

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