Amazfit GTS and Amazfit GTR receive two highly requested features

Amazfit GTR GTS GTR Lite

Recently, the Amazfit GTS 2 and GTR 2 were launched. However, Huami does not stop adding features to the models launched in 2019 that were so successful.

It is in this sense that the latest software update brings the Amazfit GTS, GTR and GTR Lite two features that are in demand. These are an improvement in the accuracy of your GPS and the addition of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) for better sleep monitoring.

In case you don’t know, REM is when deep rest occurs during your sleep. And after bringing this feature to newer wearables, Huami now launches it for these devices.

Amazfit GTR GTS GTR Lite
Credit: Tizen Help

As you can see from the screenshot shared above by the Tizen Help site, REM will need to be activated in the sleep assistant in the heart rate settings. Then you change to this method which theoretically will give you more detailed data.

If you have a 47mm Amazfit GTR, these features come in version and version 1.2.06 in the 42mm version. If you have a GTS, the version is, and in GTR Lite it is version

Amazfit GTR GTS GTR Lite

It is reported that these updates first reached users in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. It will therefore be a matter of days before reaching all users.

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