This year we will get to know the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Both are expected to be quite powerful, however, we still don’t have a concrete idea of ​​their specifications.

This unknown may now have been clarified thanks to the information released by 4chan. She says she got this data from a developer with access to the PlayStation 5 programming kit.

PS5 and Xbox Series X specifications

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have very identical specifications

It is already known that both consoles will have processors and graphics developed by AMD. In addition, both will have SSD disks for better writing and reading times.

The data that has now been shared shows us a slight advantage for the Xbox Series X in the processor, while the PlayStation 5 will have a slightly superior graphics. The same can apply to the disk and the amount of RAM in both.

Rumors have indicated that the Xbox Series X will be slightly superior in graphics. PlayStation 5 is expected to win in the fields of memory and storage.

The information now shared shows some discrepancies in the face of the rumors, but shows that the difference between the two will be very tenuous. It will be for the details that will distinguish the two consoles.

In any case, both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be a considerable upgrade compared to the models currently on the market. Similar to what a particular company likes to say, they will be the best consoles ever developed.

Play dates for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still uncertain

Officially, neither Sony nor Microsoft have revealed when they will introduce their new consoles. Still, an image recently appeared that purportedly depicts an invitation to the Xbox Xeries X presentation on April 6.

As far as PlayStation 5 is concerned, it was hoped that it could be introduced in late February. This is unlikely to happen, as there is not much left to end the month and invitations have not yet been sent for any company presentation.

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