All these movies and series are on sale on Amazon

All these movies and series are on sale on Amazon

Planet Of The Apes Trilogy Pack

If you are a fan of Planet of the ApesYou have to know that right now you have the trilogy in Black Metal Edition and Blu-ray edition at practically half the price. As a good special edition, it does not forget to include interviews, specials and even unpublished scenes.


Up to 40% off you have the Blu-ray edition in 4K Ultra HD format from Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s tape that the same conquers that does not like anything. In addition to the movie, you can enjoy an additional disc with 90 minutes of special content.

Captain Marvel

Eye that our dear and off-road Captain Marvel It is also on sale on Amazon with a ridiculous price of only 8 euros. It’s the Blu-ray edition, with additional director’s comments, outtakes, and more bonus content.

Avengers: Endgame

The last of the Avengers also has discounted Blu-ray. The fantastic Endgame can now be in your hands with additional content in which the casting of Robert Downey Jr is not lacking, a special about Captain America, another about Black Widow and a good amount of outtakes, among many other specials.

V – Complete collection

Watch out for the little gem from the 80s that we have around here. Nothing less than the complete collection of the legendary series V, in DVD format, and with all the episodes that were part of this famous production. Big fans cannot ignore it.

Sean Connery James Bond Collection

With the recent departure of the great actor Sean Connery, you have probably wanted to re-review all his tapes of the James Bond saga. Well, you know that there is a collection with the 6 tapes that he starred in on Blu-Ray and with a very good discount on Amazon. Safety pin.

Interstellar Digibook Blu-Ray

If you are a fan of one of the best films in the history of cinema -hem, sorry, we do not know how to be objective with this film-, you know that the digibook of Interstellar is right now at its best price. You have to seize the opportunity.

Matrix Revolutions

While we wait for Neo and Trinity to return to the big screen, you can always collect the great trilogy films that undoubtedly marked a milestone in the history of cinema. The last of all Matrix Revolutions It has now dropped in price for Black Friday in its 4K Blu-ray edition. Don’t let her escape.


Pixar fan? you like me Coconut? Then you have to take advantage of the fact that it is now in a Blu-ray edition for less than 6 euros. A magical story (like all those in the factory, why fool ourselves) with beautiful Mexico in the background. Safety pin.

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