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All these board games are on sale: Exploding Kittens, Bang! and more

The most fun board games on sale

Board games live a second youth. Long relegated to the background to blame Of the consoles, it seems that we are experiencing a revival of this classic format for group play. And Amazon well that knows it. So it is so that in the window of Jeff Bezos it is possible to find several games Very popular discounted ones that are worth giving a try.


It is the case of Risk, in its 60th anniversary edition, a very special proposal for those who are true fans; Train Adventurers (the Ticket to ride) in its European edition; or from the start box of Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone has some kind of rebate that you should take advantage of before it disappears – something we can’t calculate when it will happen. You know, if you like something, brush it as soon as possible.

Note: all games enjoy a discount that is applied when processing the order. They are not therefore reflected in the price you will see in the links.

Risk – 60th Anniversary

We started strong with this 60th anniversary edition of the mythical Risk The classic strategy game offers 5 different ways to play (includes the rules for playing the original version of the 1957 Conquete du Monde, plus four other options) and comes with superior quality pieces, a special design and a discount of 12.01 euros.

Adventurers on the train

The nice train game is presented in its English edition (in case you don’t recognize it like this, it’s about Ticket to ride) and with European map. Calculate the best routes to make the routes that touch you and add as many points as possible … without losing sight of what the competition does. The discount is 7.73 euros.

Bang! La Bala Special Edition

If you like Bang!, You cannot miss this special edition The Bullet of the game on your shelf. Only those who have played will understand why this design; those who don’t, are already taking a while to give this proposal a chance where they will face outlaws, sheriffs and a renegade. This edition comes with the 110 cards of the basic game, several expansions, special characters, several extra cards and even a plaquita for the sheriff. Ah! And one special discount of 6.62 euros!

Story Cubes – Adventure Time

Have you ever played Story Cubes? If this is not the case, I could start you with this one of the fun Adventure Time. Roll the 9 dice, look at the drawings that come out and voila, to create a story! You have it now with one 25% discount -This does reflect the final price of the product in the link box below.

Exploding Kittens

This crazy game is nothing more than a Russian roulette cat edition. And, of course, that makes it very special. Exploding Kittens started with a campaign of crowdfunding online a few years ago and reached such popularity that today has several editions and is tremendously popular. You can not miss in your collection of board games for anything in the world, especially now that you have a discount of 5.52 euros.

Dungeons and Dragons

Yesterday we told you that next March 10 publishes Wizards & Spells, a book that explains the basics to start playing Dungeons and Dragons, the famous game to which the protagonists of Stranger Things. And, look where, now we have to tell you that your starter box is with a discount of 5.57 euros. You are already taking.

Note to the reader: the links published are part of our affiliate program with Amazon. Despite this, our list of recommendations is always created freely, without responding to any type of request from the mentioned brands.

* If you sign up for Amazon Prime (price per year of 36 euros) you have free shipping available in 1 day, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and the possibility of accessing certain offers before anyone else. You can try it free for 30 days without paying anything.

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