Although to the movie Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey It is not doing as well as expected and desired, the character is still one of the most magnetic and attractive DC Do you want proof of that? The countless official figures that exist on the eternal crush of Joker to buy, among other merchandising And if you don’t believe it, check out the selection We have prepared you.

Harley Quinn, antihero and villain

Harley Quinn is one of the most famous characters in the DC universe. Present within the history of Batman and with one of the most personalities extravagant that exist, this villain (considered by many as an antiheroine too) has a powerful plot in which she went from being a normal person, a psychiatrist from a Gotham center, to a crazy girl in love with Joker and with a rather peculiar look.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

Precisely your striking appearance full of colors and equally bizarre that she has caused to be one of the characters that most merchandising generates this part of the time within DC – basically since returning to the big screen with Suicide Squad– with a good amount of figures (its different clothing gives for many versions), t-shirts, posters, accessories and costumes

The list would be endless if we collected everything available, so we decided to focus on your available figures in Amazon, where the options are incredibly diverse – and all officially licensed, of course – and leave you some extra at the end that was worth pointing out here. Little more to tell you. Sit back and choose what you want to pay tribute to your admired Villanda and nonsense queen, Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn figures


Within the great Funko catalog there is a good amount of options in honor of the DC character. It is amazing the variety of Harleys that we can find, each with a different pose and appearance, and that are so inspired by Harley’s looks in the Suicide Squad as in the movie of which he is the protagonist, Birds of prey -most of them. We also have an edition of the villain with the costume of harlequin as it originally appeared in the first comics.

Birds of Prey Special

All these Funkos have been launched in relation to the new movie Birds of prey in which the antiheroine is the protagonist along with other DC characters.

Other figures (and dolls) of Harley

Beyond the extensive Funko universe, we have available other figures also inspired by the character that you can take a look, as well as stuffed animals, dolls and even a LEGO to act as an alarm clock. There is where to choose.

Joker + Harley Quinn Special

As a couple media They are, Joker and Harley Quinn can also be found in packs of two. Here are some of the options available:

Other merchandising from the villain of DC

We said a few lines above that the idea was to show you all the figures that you can acquire from this strange character, but we also promised to give you the odd extra, in case you were looking for other pieces that would honor this deranged psychiatrist. Now that we are in full era of carnivals For example, it is one of the most sought-after costumes. If this is your case, you know that at Amazon you can find the jacket, the baseball bat or the famous mallet of Miss Quinn (and they are quite successful).

Finally, we do not have to pay homage to our favorite character with a figure or disguising ourselves as her; a pack of glasses for our parties and we will remain as the number one fan of the great villain.