Home Mobile Alexa ruined a 10 year old Christmas because she talked too much …

Alexa ruined a 10 year old Christmas because she talked too much …

Alexa ruined a 10 year old Christmas because she talked too much …

Increasingly, virtual assistants have become an integral part of the lives of millions of users, making their lives easier in many situations. However, sometimes they end up "chattering" too much, ruining unique moments.

That's exactly what happened to Lizzy Nuttal, who saw her Christmas surprise for her 10-year-old daughter ruined by Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa.

Amazon Alexa Natal

Alexa unveiled a 10-year-old girl's Christmas gift

Lizzy took advantage of Black Friday's big discounts to buy the Christmas gift for her 10-year-old daughter, Alice. According to Nuttal, she had not stopped talking about the Instax camera for months. Thanks to the big discounts, he would finally be able to surprise his daughter.

However, the virtual assistant Alexa managed to completely spoil the surprise. Seeing that Alexa had a new message, she activated without even thinking it could be related to her daughter's gift.

To her surprise, Alexa immediately began to "spread to the winds" that the "Instax Camera" order was coming. Lizzy still tried to talk over the virtual assistant, but was unsuccessful in hiding her daughter's surprise.

Christmas gift notification should never have come to Alexa

Much controversy has already been generated around the amount of information aggregated by virtual assistants, especially since they now have access to just about everything you do on your computer and smartphone.

But this large concentration of information becomes even more serious when these "friends" decide to start spreading this information out loud.

To avoid problems, Amazon has assured its users that as of November 17, any order that may be Christmas related will not be revealed by Alexa. Clearly, this functionality is not working as well as it should.

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