As Rtings advances, the new AirPods Pro received an update in December that began to cause some dissatisfaction among users. Upon review it was concluded that the upgrade affected the noise canceling capabilities of True Wireless headsets.

Active noise cancellation is one of AirPods Pro’s most talked about selling points. Overall, community and media feedback was being positive regarding its functionality. However, this update has significantly lowered the isolation capability of the headset.

However, Rtings also indicates that sound quality has generally improved, especially at lower frequencies. It seems that Apple has released an update that has improved some things but definitely made others worse. In the meantime Apple should be working on a new update to fix the issues.

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AirPods Pro are extremely popular

Since their release in October, AirPods Pro has been a massive success. Continuing in the footprint of the AirPods, these True Wireless headsets are on their way to becoming Apple’s best selling accessory if they continue to sell as well.

Demand for AirPods Pro has been so high worldwide that not even Apple can keep up. Several industry reports indicated that the company had to redouble its efforts at supply factories to keep up with the high demand for the headset.

Therefore, despite their price of € 279, AirPods Pro proved to be a lucrative gamble on Apple’s part. The company is unlikely to launch news on True Wireless headsets this year as it does not need at all.

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