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AirPods Pro are better, but not enough to beat the Galaxy Buds

AirPods Pro are better, but not enough to beat the Galaxy Buds

Apple recently launched AirPods Pro with big news such as better sound quality and noise cancellation. Weeks after its launch, US Consumer Reports gave its positive verdict to the new earphones from Apple.

It should be noted that Consumer Reports is a US non-profit entity that can compare with DECO. Thus, it is their practice to analyze various products that reach the market and their findings are taken into account by both consumers and brands.

AirPods Pro

Consumer Reports Value Improvements in Sound Quality

After reviewing the AirPods Pro, CR notices a significant improvement in sound quality over its predecessors. An extremely positive conclusion, therefore, these gadgets have never been advised by the entity for someone who values ​​sound quality.

Compliments to the sound quality of the new AirPods Pro are widespread, which shows that Apple has done a good job in this field. There is a noticeable difference in this regard from previous generations and Apple should be given due credit.

In addition, Consumer Reports underscores the Transparency mode present in AirPods Pro. Although Apple did not invent this feature, Apple praises the way the technology employed it in its product.

With Transparency mode, AirPods Pro use microphones to carry outside sound into your ear. This ensures that you will not lose track of your surroundings, especially if you walk in the street.

Galaxy Buds remain Consumer Reports preferred choice

After reviewing the AirPods Pro, this gadget scored a final score of 75 points. However, this was not enough to outperform the Galaxy Buds, who scored 86 points.

For Consumer Reports, Samsung's product delivers superior sound quality to AirPods Pro, which is why they remain at the top of the hierarchy. In addition, they have a much lower selling price than Apple's product.

Still, for an Apple user, AirPods Pro remains the best option. These are part of an ecosystem that no other product can match.

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