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Samsung wants to turn your home into a 219 inch TV theater!

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Airbnb will let users split accounts

Have you ever used the Airbnb app? This application went viral not so long ago, because like Uber, it let anyone with an extra room be a tourist accommodation.

We have to admit that this "small" application, worth over 10 million, has managed to change the tourist world like no other service. The convenience has become greater for travelers and those who accommodate may be to earn extra change at the end of the month.

Caution: Android VPN Applications Show Serious Security Issues

Of course, like Uber, this service is generating immense controversy with Governments and Tourism Institutes. Those who host tourists do not have a permit to be able to exercise this type of accommodation and the dilemma is always the same, is this cool?
After all, as long as you discount the value, I'm free to rent my room to anyone who wants it right? Once again I compare with the Uber service, which is not identified by taxi drivers, but "private drivers".

According to new information, the Airbnb app will soon be able to split rent between users, which is perfect if you're going on a trip with friends and don't want to be in line with someone not paying you.

It was also noted that the application will soon accept multiple currencies, you will not have problems paying in euros if the site only accepts "Sterling Pounds".

The Airbnb app is certainly interesting, but more interesting than that is the community of entrepreneurs who made it business. After all, you don't need a permit to know how to have good hospitality and quality service.

Personally I will first try the service when we go to Mobile World Congress next month. We rented an apartment, it seems, very cool with a perfect internet connection to bring you videos until you say enough!

I remember that to subscribe to our Youtube here and not miss a pinch of the trip and news of MWC17.

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Latest Posts

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