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Affiliate Program Scammer – Affiliate Program revised

Affiliate Program Scammer – Affiliate Program revised



Affiliate Program Scammer – Affiliate Program revised

As the saying goes. There is always one that ruins it for others. Due to an Affiliate Program scammer, we have had to revise the Affiliate Program slightly.

Here at EntertainmentBox as our customers know. We are known for openness, clarity and our great customer service. We have many great teams and people supporting our product, so we decided we wanted to give something back to them.

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Affiliate Program

We decided on an Affiliate Program. The initial idea was to do something with just purchases, so we did. We then decided that this may not be fair on smaller people on Social Media. So, we decided to offer a click rate for every time someone clicked on one of their links. Again, this was just another way of helping people earn a little bit of extra cash.

However, recently someone was caught abusing the system. So, because of this, we are now removing the click rate incentive from the Affiliate Program. In an effort to show clarity. We will show you evidence without calling out said, individual, as that is not necessary.

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Affiliate Program Scammer

So, how the click rate thing worked is for every 1000 people that click on one of your links, you receive £10. So, when an affiliate signs up, they provide their site etc. We then do a background check on them. So, Youtube subscribers, Social Media followers, Alexa ranking and other stuff that kind of gives you a feel of their fanbase etc.

Recently, someone tried to abuse the system. We will not name names. This users site was over 6000000 in the Alexa ranking. Under 400 likes on Facebook. Just over 1000 Youtube subscribers etc. Generally a relatively small presence in the world of Social Media and the internet.



As we were going through the payment profiles, we noticed an unusual click-through rate coming from a relatively small site.


Below is a small snippet.

Affiliate Program Scammer 1


Obviously, we have blanked details out.  This pattern continues and continues for many pages. As you can see, numerous adverts being clicked at the same time over and over again. In an effort to hide the scam, numerous IP addresses from all over the world were used.

Within a few short hours, this individual had generated.


Affiliate Program Scammer 2


This is just what we had processed. There was even more but we decided to question the scammer first.

In just a few short hours. The individual claimed all of those clicks were genuine, as the site had been very popular lately.

In a few short hours, the site had generated 4500 clicks. So, if genuine that means that site has had at least 4500 visitors in that time, with 100% of the traffic clicking an advert.

That is an amazing achievement for 100% of the traffic to click ad advert. In Fact, we think this may be the only website in the world that has ever achieved this.

We didn't carry on processing any more links as there was, even more, pages to go through, making this one of the busiest websites in the world. Gaining traffic worldwide with hardly any social media presence or high google rankings.



As we said. We decided to stop continuing processing. After a conversation that didn't add up or even make sense. We decided to cancel this affiliate and end the association with EBox.

If this pattern would have continued this user would have claimed over £100 in a day. Think about that people, in what world did they think that this wouldn't have looked genuine.

We have a lot of affiliates that dominate their site and social media presence and it would be impossible for them to attain to these targets. Especially the worldwide click through dominance this user was claiming!


Affiliate Program Revision

Due to this user ruining it for everyone, we have now decided to stop the click rate part of the Affiliation Program. We want everyone to be on an even playing field without anyone ruining it.

The Affiliate Program will now only be eligible for money when purchases are made. However, we have upped commission from 3% to 10% for every successful purchase conversion.



This all left a bad taste in our mouths. We didn't want this user to claim that we had gained from this. So, we have shown some love.


Affiliate Program Scammer 5


As we have shown that user gained £44.78 in a few short hours. It would have been more if we had carried on.

So, we decided to donate £160 to Cancer Research UK.


Affiliate Program Scammer 3


Affiliate Program Scammer 4


At the end of the day, a worthy cause has gained from this debacle. The fact that people like this believe that they are cleverer than an established company like ourselves baffles us.

This will draw an end to the matter now. To our affiliates that have done nothing wrong, we apologize. We hope the increased purchase incentive will help you fill the void of the click revenue.


Thanks again for all your support.


The name you can trust!



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