Adobe Elements Uses Artificial Intelligence to Edit Photos and Videos with Most Popular Effects

Adobe Elements Uses Artificial Intelligence to Edit Photos and Videos with Most Popular Effects

Adobe has been creating more streamlined tools to appeal to the average consumer. One such tool is Adobe Elements Photoshop for images or Adobe Elements Premiere for video. Both tools use artificial intelligence to apply the most popular effects.

For example, most consumers may want to use Photoshop to fix minor flaws such as blur, noise or background removal. Therefore, Elements will automatically show some of these corrections, depending on the photograph. See the example.

adobe elements 1

With Elements, noise in your photo has been completely removed automatically. This is a noise reduction tool that already exists in Photoshop manually but that in Elements automatically detects noise.

aodbde elements

In this example, the background has been automatically detected and removed. In the normal version of Photoshop there are quick and easy ways to do the same, but it has to be done manually. For the unprofessional consumer, Adobe Elements is the 'pinch' of perfect editing.

Adobe Elements also has a panoply of other tools such as skin softening, automatic coloration or discoloration of photos, and integration with Fujifilm cameras through the Fujifilm Print Center.

Adobe Elements uses the classic buy format

Unlike Adobe professional tools like Premiere and Photoshop, Elements is not billed monthly. Individually, Adobe Elements Photoshop and Premiere cost $ 100 per license or $ 80 for an existing Adobe customer. You can also buy both bundled programs for $ 150 or $ 120 for existing customers.

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