Adding automatic captions to IGTV videos is that easy

Adding automatic captions to IGTV videos is that easy

Automatic captions on IGTV

The use of subtitles generated automatically it is something that will not catch anyone by surprise. Platforms like YouTube have been using this type of tool for a long time, although sometimes they are not 100% reliable. Although it is understood that it fails, because the diction and quality of the audio is important for a correct operation.

However, what matters is that Instagram finally added this same tool to IGTV which had also been used on Facebook for some time. In this way, your video platform is now capable of automatically generating subtitles for the contents that are published there in up to 16 different languages.

Thanks to these subtitles, the user who publishes the content can not only benefit from a greater reach and impact with their video, but also users with accessibility problems benefit. What’s more, this is really an accessibility option that seeks to ensure that those who suffer from hearing problems are not left out by not knowing what is being told in the video.

How to add automatic captions to IGTV videos

This option, like others that do not take up much time, it is important that it be activated if you want to reach the maximum number of people. And the best thing is that it is so simple that not doing it is something nonsensical, because it does not count for anything and the benefits are many.

For activate the automatic generation of subtitles there are just a few simple steps to follow for your IGTV videos. These basically consist of going to the account settings and there activating some options. Then, when the video is published, make sure everything follows Ok and that’s it. You will not have to do anything else. But if you think so, we see it step by step.

Add IGTV Automatic Captions

  1. The first step is to go to the Instagram application and then to your user profile
  2. Within your profile, go to the configuration options
  3. Now click on the Account option
  4. When you access you will have to search among all the options the one that indicates Subtitles
  5. Now all you have to do is make sure it is active
  6. The default language will show the one you use with the application / operating system

Now that everything is correct, the next step is to upload your IGTV video and make sure that the function of generating subtitles automatically is active for that content in question. How? Well again by following a few simple steps.

  1. Upload your video to IGTV and fill in everything as usual, from title to description, etc.
  2. Once everything is done go to the advanced settings
  3. Activate the option to generate subtitles automatically within the Accessibility option

Done, once the video is already published the platform will analyze it and generate these subtitles. So it is only a matter of time (usually little) before they are available to all those users who need them or want to consume your content without having to increase the volume. For example, when they are in public transport or meeting other people and they do not want to disturb or do not wear headphones.

Just one last note, if you have manually added subtitles to your video by “burning” them directly into it, remember to deactivate this option if you don’t want them to overlap each other.


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