Shop Kodi smart TV box Wolverhampton: Android powered TV Boxes Wolverhampton


October 13, 2016

Shop Kodi smart TV box Wolverhampton: Android powered Smart TV Boxes Wolverhampton

Not only do EntertainmentBox EBox specialize in Android EBox “Kodi TV Box / Boxes in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas!”but we also offer Windows Mini PC’s and other Smart TV Box accessories related to offering you the complete entertainment solution for your TV here. Shop for your new Android powered Smart TV box in Wolverhampton, we will ship you’re order if placed before 2pm the same day, you will usually receive it the next working day. So, whether you are looking for a keyboard, hard drive, a smart remote or a game controller, our Smart TV Box accessories here, will have you covered.

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Kodi smart TV box Wolverhampton

In addition to these products we also have many gadgets (delivered for free to Wolverhampton) that you may love to buy. Our smart watches are only of the finest quality and they are appropriate for all circumstances. If you want to see our products and pick the one you want the most you may visit our store.


In our store we have only the best TV Boxes for you to choose from. Our TV Boxes are only made of the finest quality to satisfy your entertainment needs. Amongst our TV Boxes there are many that are more than just mere TV Boxes. In our store we have products that you can’t ignore. Each product has its own unique features and characteristics. One such example is the Minix Neo Z64 Windows 10 Edition.

Minix Neo Z64 Windows 10 Edition is a mini PC that will amaze you. It is unlike any other TV Box in many ways. This device has really huge possibilities. First of all, this ultra-compact mini desktop PC is one of the world’s smallest desktop PCs that allows for an array of space saving options. In addition it is very energy efficient. This is true as  NEO Z64 requires 80% less energy than traditional desktop PCs. Apart from these features you can find  pre-installed the latest Kod, iso you are all set to add your favourite Kodi Addons. Also you will get the New Rii Mini i12 Wireless Keyboard, the world most ultra thin keyboard. If you want to make it yours , you will need to spend only £150.00 £99.99 Inc VAT.

Lets see if there is a good show on TV today. But why watch TV when you can use your brand new TV Box?


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