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EntertainmentBox.com is the trading name for Droidsticks Ltd. We found that we wanted a name that summed up what we were all about. So, with that in mind and knowing that our boxes offer the best all in one streaming solution, EntertainmentBox.com was born. We are primarily an online retailer with a retail store in Walthamstow, London. We specialize in Smart Media Centres for your home with a range of different products.

We are a UK based company who are one of the UK and Europe’s leading distributor’s of Smart Media devices.


Here at EntertainmentBox or EBox to our friends, we only stock the best products and most importantly genuine products that we can. We try to offer Smart Media Centres for all price budgets and requirements. Whether this be single units or our special Combo Packages. We offer these Smart TV devices on their own here, with prices starting from as little as £34.99 or in our special Combo Packages here, with prices starting from as little as £46.99.

EBox are known for their Flagship device, the T8-4 is one of the best Android TV Boxes on the market currently.

EntertainmentBox EBox are a completely trusted seller. We do not sell those “Fully loaded” Boxes that you see on auction sites, they are illegal. A lot of these boxes are also cloned versions of genuine boxes, making them unsafe, this is the reason why they are so cheap, compared to a genuine distributor like EBox. We sell genuine TV Boxes.

Our Android Powered TV Boxes do come pre-installed with the award winning and free open source media Kodi, however our boxes are not pre-configured, we do not offer third party apps, builds, wizards, add-ons or anything of that nature. For more information please visit the product page of the product you are interested in.


EntertainmentBox / EBox EntertainmentBox EBox Smart TV Boxes Smart Media Centres


Not only do EntertainmentBox EBox specialize in Android based EBox TV Boxes but we also offer Windows Mini PC’s and other Smart TV Box accessories related to offering you the complete entertainment solution for your TV. So, whether you are looking for a keyboard, hard drive, a smart remote or a game controller, our Smart TV Box accessories here, will have you covered.

We are always looking at adding the latest TV tech and gadgets that we can. 2016 will be a great year for Android and Windows tablets, TV boxes and Personal gadgets.

We are also extremely proud to offer Worldwide delivery on all of our items. We offer extremely fast shipping with same day shipping if ordered before 2pm and we are also pleased to offer International delivery in 3 days! (most EU country’s)

It really is that easy to order from EntertainmentBox.com but we don’t stop there. We also offer some of the best customer support and after sales care in the business. You can contact us here.

We also offer unrivaled support via our EntertainmentBox EBox Twitter support team here and our EntertainmentBox EBox Facebook support team here. No matter which mode of social media you use, we have your support covered. So, if you have any questions then simply get in touch with one of the support teams.


As well as the unrivaled social media, we also offer reviews, unboxing’s and helpful tips and tricks via our YouTube channel. You can see our Video archive here. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for all the latest videos here.

So, as you can see we have you covered with the latest TV Media centres and gadgets. As well as some of the best support in the business.

We are glad you found us and we look forward to dealing with you in the future.


EntertainmentBox / EBox EntertainmentBox EBox Smart TV Boxes Smart Media Centres


EntertainmentBox.com or EBox to our friends will make your TV become a smart TV and make it come to life by giving it programs and apps that you can really use every day.

With access to the Google Play Store and other App Stores, there is no way your TV is not going to be flooded with games and applications that will be fun and helpful every day!

Download apps from the Google Play Store right to the Smart TV box and have complete access to them right through your TV. From web browsers to games, and office apps to music players, your TV is getting an upgrade to “Smart”!

It’s as simple as turning on your TV, going to the Google Play Store and searching for apps that you want to install. Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, the list can go on and on. If you think it may be on there, you will be able to find it – no question asked.

Download your favourite social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and have access to it right from your couch. If you’re looking for a web browser on your TV, look no further. Our built in web browser makes you feel like you’re sitting in front of your computer. Web browser such as Google Chrome, Opera and more allow you to surf using your favourite browser, almost like you never left your desk.

So if you are looking for a cool gadget that is going to turn your TV into the ultimate multimedia gateway allowing an “un-smart” TV to turn into a Smart TV – You have come to the right spot. EntertainmentBox EBox can help you have the smartest TV on earth!


Turn your TV into a smart TV without spending thousands on a new TV.

  • Turn your TV into an android Powered tablet!
  • Browse the Internet from your couch!
  • Over 800,000 apps at the tip of your fingers!
  • Social Media on your TV!
  • Stream Music and Videos straight to your TV!
  • Video chat with friends and family
  • Play all of your Droid games on your TV!


 EntertainmentBox / EBox EntertainmentBox EBox Smart TV Boxes Smart Media Centres


Like playing games on your phone or tablet? Of course you do, everyone does. How about playing those same games on a large flat screen TV? Sounds pretty good right?

With EntertainmentBox EBox TV boxes you can play all of your favourite games right on your TV. Perhaps you would rather play hand held, no worries with that either. We offer Windows TV Boxes, Mini-PCs, Android TV Boxes, Handheld Gamepads and Dual Boot Tablets.

All of these are capable of playing retro games or even some of the latest games on the market.

Here is a short list of some of the games you can play right on your TV with your Device.

Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Words With Friends, Bejeweled, Pet Rescue Saga and thousands more.


EntertainmentBox / EBox EntertainmentBox EBox Smart TV Boxes Smart Media Centres


Everyone is on social media apps these days. But don’t you get kind of sick of viewing your favourite social media sites on your tiny phone screen or tablet? Wouldn’t you like to view your friends updates, pictures and video’s on your TV? Of course you would.

With our Devices you can download all of your social media apps and use them on your TV. How cool is that?

Here is a short list of the apps you can have on your TV.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Kik, Foursquare, Tumblr, Linkedin and any other social media app that exists.


EntertainmentBox / EBox EntertainmentBox EBox Smart TV Boxes Smart Media Centres


Do you like showing your friends and families all of your great pictures? Would you rather show them on a tiny little screen, or would you like to gather everyone in front of the TV and show them a great slideshow with all of your wonderful pictures?

Most Smart TV boxes comes with at least 8gb of internal memory, so you can plug in a USB flash drive with all of your favourite pictures and run a slide show on your TV. How great is that? But, we don’t stop there as we also offer TV Boxes that offer 16gb of memory and more. All of which you can add additional memory via an SD card.

Our EntertainmentBox EBox boxes offer the Ultimate Multimedia Center. The system does everything possible that you would want in a home media centre at a fraction of the cost of anything on the market. You will not find a better Multi Media Centre on the market.


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