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About EBox – Who are EntertainmentBox?

About EBox – Who are EntertainmentBox?

About EBox – Who are Entertainment Box?

Thanks for visiting EntertainmentBox.com. Now you are here you must be wondering if we can be trusted, are our items genuine and what do our customers think.

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About Us:

We are a UK-based trusted company – leading the way as one of the UK’s and USA’s leading distributors of the all the latest gadgets to hit the market. We have enough stock to sell wholesale, as well as directly to people. EntertainmentBox® has long-established itself since 26 Nov 2013 as a market leader when it comes to selling high-end gadgets. We stock Android-powered Kodi TV box, and mobile phone watches many other types of gadgets.

Entertainment Box’s main aim is to offer a fantastic customer experience. From the moment, you buy your item we will work hard with you to make sure you are delighted. If you are still not happy, you have 30 days, to return your item for a full refund.

Entertainment Box

EntertainmentBox® or EBox® to our friends, use trust and the best customer service possible to make sure our customers are happy. We have been able to build a good community of followers. We are the Best TV Box UK Store. How do we know this? Simple, we offer only the best TV smart boxes with super-fast worldwide shipping then provides as much support and updates as possible. Now I know what you think it's a big claim, but we have an unrivalled following, 71,900 Twitter followers and over 102K tweets. Our YouTube channel has over 1m views and 9,500 YouTube followers and counting with over 61 videos and counting.


We pride ourselves on after sales support and customer satisfaction. We have been supplying Android-powered TV smart boxes for many years. And know how to teach new users how to get the best out of their new Smart TV box. Entertainment Boxnow have a dispatch centre in Chicago and London UK. With plans for a further dispatch centre in mainland Europe, making international shipping and returns that much quicker. Our growth in the USA has been astounding, so it's only right we work on providing only the best service possible across the world. EntertainmentBox provides a 12-month warranty, and “30-day money back guarantee.” If your device is faulty or unrepairable you know, we will have you covered.

Shipping and payments

EBox® is also extremely proud to offer worldwide delivery on all items. We offer extremely fast shipping with same day shipping if ordered before 2 pm and next day delivery in the UK! We are also pleased to offer International delivery for three days! Regarding payments, we have a quick and easy payment process, accepting all major credit and debit cards through PayPal. You do not need to have an account with PayPal; you can go through the checkout process as a guest. PayPal only takes the payment for us.

How to contact us or ask a question

It is that easy to order from Entertainment Box, but we don’t stop there. We also offer some of the best customer support and after sales care in the business.

No matter which mode of social media you use, we have something for you. So, if you have any questions then get in touch with one of the support teams or use the instant chat messaging service directly on the site.

What do we sell:

Here at EntertainmentBox or EBox to our friends. We only stock the best products and most importantly genuine products that we can. We try to offer Smart Media Centres for the TV and home. We cater for all budgets and requirements. prices start from as little as £44.99

How to choose the right Android-powered Kodi TV box for you.

Different internet TV boxes give you access to various online content. All devices have Kodi pre-installed. But if you pick let's say an Apple TV 4 you will get access to iTunes Movies of if you Pick an Android-based Smart box you can use Amazon Instant Video. All our TV smart boxes offer access to BBC iPlayer, and other catch-up services, such as ITV hub4oD and Demand5. They will also let you stream films from Netflix (if you have subscribed), or watch videos on sites such as YouTube; and Hulu. If you wanted to use the Sky go app, you would need a Windows-based streaming box or stick and a sky subscription or passes.


We specialise in only the best box accessories; if you are looking for a replacement plug or a new keyboard or even an HDD for your device, then you know you are in safe hands. Reply 2016 and 2017 accessories for OTT TV boxes.

Projectors powered by Kodi and Android

New in for 2017 are mini projectors and full-size projectors, these work in the same way as a box for TV or a TV stick, but you do not need a TV to display what you are streaming as it projects the image onto any wall or screen. All our projects have Kodi pre-installed, all you need is an internet connection to run, and you are good to go. Amazon Fire TV is also great for streaming. 

We also have Android-powered projectors, All with different features including an HDMI input which allows you to plug in an HDMI cable into the projector.  The best feature of the mini projectors is that they have an internal battery allowing outdoor use without a mains charger. To increase the level and quality of sound, why not invest in a Bluetooth Speaker with built-in power bank?

Mobile phone watches and kids GPS track and trace mobile watches

Mobile phone watches are a new gadget hitting the market which starts at £34.99. We stock the best smartwatches at affordable prices. The latest mobile phone watch we have released for children has features like SOS call home, GPS tracker which connects to your mobile phone through an app, electronic fence, remote monitor function, two-way communication, SOS-one key calling for help, call blocking function, track history and back sensor (which will alert you if the watch has been removed). The responsible adult can monitor the child by way of an app installed on their smartphone.

Virtual Reality headsets 

VR Headsets allow you to see a different view of the world today. Imagine flying around another country such as the USA or taking a stroll on the other side of the world without taking a step out your front door. This is happening now with the help of Virtual reality headsets. Transport yourself into a different world in the blink of an eye.

Handheld gaming consoles

The fantastic Q9 Gamepad is exceptionally versatile. Is it an Android device? Or is it a games console? Maybe it's a game emulator?

Well, it’s all of that and more! The GPD is a fantastic piece of kit allowing you to play all your retro games on the go. Not finished watching that film? With the GPD Q9, you can Stream TV on the go; there is no need for an external power supply as it has a powerful built-in battery.

Other services offered by Entertainment Box

If you have A device that is out of warranty or you have purchased your equipment from a different seller. And are having trouble. We offer a £20.00 TV box repair service. All you need to do is place an order for the service, send in your device to fix (postage costs covered by the purchaser). If for whatever reason we are unable to repair your device, we will send you a £20.00 gift card used towards A new TV box. We also offer an IOS app signing service for Apple TV 4, iPad and iPhones so if you have an Apple device and would like us to sign your apps so they will last at least one year then check out the link below.

What our customers think:

Thanks to our great customers and their feedback we have had some glowing reviews. You see retweets from our customers on our Twitter feed. If you look at our various products, you will also see reviews that our customers have left. Just click here and find which product you are interested in.

A few of our recent reviews from customers are:

Phil (verified owner):

YES!!!!! I finally bought one.
my third box from you guys and I have to say it’s great, faster than its predecessor (loads streams faster as well as navigating menus quicker, an expandable memory so u can download your movies or whatever and watch offline if u want?
I’ve just downloaded nova launcher from Google play store and customised my home screen and it looks awesome now, so all my apps are right there on boot up.
This box is 10/10
So in closing I’ll just say that anyone wanting a new box for streaming then look no further than the T8v3s, the v2 is good, it’s in my bedroom now but if u want THE best then it’s the v3, you won’t be disappointed …

Lee Harden (verified owner):

Bought this little beauty recently and a must say am blown away with it. Ordered it before 2 pm Monday and was delivered the next day !! .. came nicely packaged and was super easy to hook up and configure. As for the box, itself and performance is nothing short of RAPID and so responsive !!! I would highly recommend anyone towards this box and truly know that nobody would b disappointed !!! Defo 10 out 10 for delivery, packaging, and performance.

Thanks to our customers for their great reviews!

About EBox – Who are EntertainmentBox

About EBox - Who are EntertainmentBox?




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