A year ago we knew what iPhone 7 would look like.

A year ago we knew what iPhone 7 would look like.

After iPhone 7 is the turn of iPhone 8!

The new iPhone 8, or iPhone 7S, will be unveiled only in September, but for those who say it's too early to know anything about Apple's new smartphone, here's an interesting detail.

Just today a year ago we launched an article about an iPhone 7 information leak with some alleged images. In September, these alleged images were confirmed as real images, which means that whatever smartphone Apple is preparing, there is certainly a final version chosen.

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As last year, the iPhone 8 is expected to be presented at the event in September. We now have on June 5th an Apple (WWDC) event, dedicated to the operating system and certainly to Macs, and towards the end of the year we have the news regarding the mobile segment.

So far we believe that Apple can bring us an iPhone 8 with a vertical double-chamber, glass and metal construction and an end-to-end screen with the removal of the "home" button.

Even today we talk about removing this "home" and investing in OLED displays would mean a higher cost to the end consumer, however, I believe an evolution on the screen of Apple devices is almost guaranteed. The iPhone 7 is the only high-end that in 2017 still offers us HD quality.

Are the last leaks really the future iPhone 8?

As for the rest of the specs, I feel there's not much to worry about. It is true that Apple does not give us RAM monstrosities, but their devices are complemented with an OS ready for any use.

I remind you to keep an eye out for upcoming Apple articles, notably the iPhone 8 (or 7S). More than ever, these rumors begin to smell of the truth.

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