Band Mi band ’de realme

It is indisputable that Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the queen of activity wristbands. However, this reign could be threatened very soon. It turns out that realme is preparing his own bracelet in the image and likeness of his opponent and we will not take long to know it in detail since it will be presented next month (we imagine that at the Mobile World Congress), as confirmed by the CEBox himself and the company recently.

In case you need a little soda, we remind you that I really landed last year in UK officially, shaking the market with really interesting phones to floor prices. Around here we were already analyzing smartphones as competent and attractive as the X2 Pro smartphone, and we also told you at the time the success that the brand had had during Amazon’s Black Friday.

Realme X2 Pro Camera

Now the firm expands market with new equipment. Just two days ago he officially announced his Buds Air wireless headphones and now he fully engages in the world of activity wristbands with his own proposal.

About the benefits of the bracelet itself, we still know very little (to say almost nothing). Its design is not especially differential with respect to the line followed by other bracelets – it has already been filtered several times, it has even been “caught” on the wrist of the CEBox of Realme India as you can see in the image below. At first glance it even reminds a little of the Huawei Band 5 with a screen rather broad and seemingly curved:

Really filtered bracelet

We will have to wait for the company to reach Barcelona, where we imagine that the gadget will be revealed, to know all the details – beyond that its star color will be the yellow corporate. Meanwhile we have no choice but to be aware of leaks and imagine (and wish) to maintain the same quality / price philosophy of the rest of its products.

The Xiaomi Mi Band and its unquestionable success

Rare is seeing someone down the street with an activity bracelet that is not Xiaomi The company, which seems to have a monopoly on some technology sectors such as electric scooters or sports monitors, has the public completely in their pocket when thinking about such a device.

The formula to have achieved it? A very, but very, decisive and effective team that does what it promises, with a fantastic battery and an impossible price to match. In our analysis of the Mi Band 4 we already told you that the bracelet «there is no one who shadows it» and is that even having a Mi Band 3, the price of the next generation is so cheap, that it compensates for the jump and change it , also considering that we have some (small) advantages.

As we say, it is a round work in quality / price by the brand that so far has not been matched by another firm. Will I really be the first to do it? We will see.