A PlayStation 5 for 1,500 euros? The madness of reselling

 A PlayStation 5 for 1,500 euros?  The madness of reselling

The madness of getting a PS5

PS5 details

The stock of PlayStation 5 is extremely limited. Most stores have no stock, partly due to the high demand and lack of stock, and partly also because Sony has wanted to control the distribution of the console by limiting sales to the online channel, instead of the physical one, in order to avoid problems with the pandemic that plagues all over the world.

Due to this, there are many users who still cannot have their longed-for PS5, and some are willing to pay whatever it takes to get one. And when we say pay whatever, we mean pay up to three times as much. Because yes, there are currently consoles that are being sold for $ 1,550 in the United States, since, if we review the sales made by the user slmcty329, We can see how since November 4 it has sold a total of 22 consoles, from $ 898.88 for the first unit, to $ 1,548.88 for the last console sold.

Resale PS5

Selling a PS5 without owning it

The most surprising thing is that users are so aware of the existing demand that most publish the sale of the product even without having the console in their possession. All you have to do is have a confirmed reservation to go to eBay and publish the console offer. And it is that to confirm that they have a guaranteed unit, many even publish a screenshot of the distributor’s email confirming the delivery of the product.

And what about Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Sales

The Microsoft console is also not spared from stock problems at launch, however the demand at resale is lower. The console has reached at most $ 800 in one of the highest sales, while the small Xbox Series S rose to $ 400, compared to $ 299 of its original price.

The console may have had more stock in the United States, although the demand will also have been less than PS5, since the Sony console continues to demand units with requests from all over the world.


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